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We have used the Activity Village website a lot ever since we started our home-ed.  I have written a number of posts sharing links of how we use the pages.  At the time of writing those posts the pages were all FREE but due to circumstances the structure of the website has now changed.  They are still offering some FREE pages but most of the pages which we have used in the past (and the pages I can see us using in the future) are now included in their membership deal.  They are currently offering a £12 membership for 12 months – I do not when the price will increase or what the price will be after the initial offer stops.

Activity Village have kindly given me a membership so that I can continue sharing ideas on how we use their pages.  So the question is would I pay £12 for a yearly membership ?  As with all things I personally think it depends on your family and how often you use the printouts.  For me £1 a month sounds really good but then I have used the website a fair bit in the past.  To give you an idea of what pages we have used here is a list.


Activity Village pages

I use the pages from Activity Village as supplement activities.  They have lots of creative ideas on lots of topics.  We love the word searches and other puzzle pages and we often use their templates in our creative projects.





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