Finger Painting Fun

Finger Painting fun. Using colouring pages from activity village as templates, playing with paint and adding some details with our felt tip pens. ofamilyblog

My kids have never been big on finger painting but I do still try to encourage them to try it every once in a while as I know it is a great sensory activity.

So when we were recently given some lovely Finger Paints from Baker Ross (update – they unfortunately no longer stock these stunning paints) I figured it was worth another shot.  I set up the kitchen table with the paints, some plain paper and I also printed off some pages from Activity Village.  I find with my kids they often just need a starting a point so I printed out the Peacock page and a tree template for them.  I purposely did not leave any paint brushes on the table (although the kids do know where they are so they can easily fetch them).

They started with the peacock and they immediately told me how much they liked the new paints.

Finger painting on a peacock colouring page from Activity village

By the time they had finished their peacocks they both were dipping them hands in the paint – which for my two kiddies is not something that they normally do.

Finger painting is fun

Finger painting fun

They loved the feeling of the paint and played around with it for ages.

The finger paint from Baker Ross is brilliant

Finger painting sensory play at its best

And then we tried some finger painted birds on the activity village tree.  I did have to show my daughter how to do one of them – the extra detail that she needed to add with the felt tip pen.  She loved it.

Birds on the Activity village tree page. Birds are finger painted and then details added with a felt tip pen

My youngest also wanted to do a picture and add some detail with a felt tip pen so he made a snake and my daughter made another peacock.

Finger painted snakeFinger painting a peacock with some details added using a felt tip pen

It ended up being a lovely art session.  They kids were totally absorbed for ages and the paint was a huge winner with both my kids and me (no stains on their hands afterwards like we have had with some other paints).  I was given this paint by Baker Ross but I can honestly say that I will be buying more when the current set runs out.

extra :  we just had some friends over and both of the friends also loved the paint.  The one friend said that she really liked the gloopy texture of the paint.

Finger painting using some colouring pages from Activity VillageUPDATE – We have now had this paint for 8 months and my kids still LOVE it.

At the time of writing this post all the Activity Village pages were FREE to download but they have since changed the structure of the website and the pages in the post above are now membership only pages





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