One of the storybooks that my kids have been reading the past few weeks is –  Bat Loves the Night (Nature Storybooks). When we initially received our new nature storybooks I was not 100% sure about this one as my kids have never really been interested in bats before. I knew the Tigress and Tracks of a Panda were going to be winners as both kids love those two animals but bats well I was unsure.

bat-loves-the-night-a-nature-storybook-which-teaches-kids-about-batsHowever the book is very informative and has prompted my youngest to start asking lots of questions about them, after all they are manuals, not birds, they hang upside down, eat a wide range of foods and use echolocation, my youngest has now realized they are “pretty cool little creatures” (his words).  And although the book contains lots of information it is not too hard for my daughter to read by herself.

So when I suggested doing a painting it was understandable that my youngest asked if we could do a bat picture. I had already cut out some  bat templates, I was planning on using them to make a bat mobile. (The templates are free to download from Activity Village – UPDATE – since writing this post the Bat template are no longer Free to download they are now part of the Activity Village membership deal.)  So instead of a hanging bat picture we stuck ours down on some paper using blu tack and the kids painted over them (well dabbed over them using their paint dabbers).


The idea was to paint our bats black for another picture.  But once we remove the painted bats we got a really cool bonus picture.


My daughter liked the picture in the book where the sun is setting and the sky has a red glow so she was keen to create her own sunset background.


She wanted to try to blend the colours together to get the sunset glow so she started off using some water-colour paints.

Once her background had dried we had some fun testing out different options of where her painted bats (from the first picture) could go.  She settled on this version.


But she wanted to see if she could create a different effect so she also had a go at using her oil pastels to create a blended background.


Her backgrounds are very simple but as  often happens with my kids once they get a bit of confidence doing something they often want to try a harder version.  And my daughter has informed me that we need to try a basic house at sunset for next weeks picture.  And I have a feeling my son’s new interest in bats is here to stay so there is a good chance we might still get around to creating that bat mobile that I was originally planning.

Update – I was asked about the paint dabbers that we use so these are the ones – UK link 12 Paint Dabbers and US link here 12 Paint Dabbers by Major Brushes


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  1. Camie says:

    Lovely bat art!


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