Starting our Christmas cards

We have quite a busy Christmas period coming up, lots of family time and lots of travelling so as the kids like giving home-made Christmas cards I thought we would take advantage of a few sick days in the house and start making some.

As everyone in the house was feeling a bit miserable we kept our first batch of cards nice and easy.

My daughter started with this lovely colouring Christmas card from Activity village (the homeschooling mom in me loves the fact that the kids are colouring in words).

Christmas colouring card from Activity villageWe thought it might be fun to add a border to the card.  So we trimmed the edges of the card and stuck it down on a sheet of thick green paper.

Merry Christmas colouring card stuck onto some coloured paperMy daughter liked this idea so much that we also added some red paper.

Merry Christmas colouring card from Activity villageI really like the effect of the extra border.

My youngest has also been colouring in more of the lovely Santa’s from Activity village (Father Christmas tree decorations ), so he used some of those on a card (I did do the cutting for him).  He calls it his Jolly Santa card.

Jolly Father Christmas card on ofamilyblog

We also made some more of our Tissue art cards.  The kids have made a number of these Tissue cards in the past so they are becoming experts at making their own tissue sheets.  We normally just use a piece of A4 paper and then the kids glue down bits of tissue paper onto the sheet.  We have found it better to glue the sheet of paper and then stick the tissue paper onto it, if you try to glue the actual tissue paper it often tears and crumples up.   We also find that for tissue art projects it is often more effective to stick to a colour scheme per sheet of paper – we often do a sheet in cool colours and a sheet in warm colours.

This time I thought it might be fun to use one of the tree templates from the activity village website.  I printed the template on card (I think we might use it for a few other activities so I thought if it was on card it would last better).  My daughter cut them out.

Cutting out the tree template from Activity villageWe then used the templates to trace the shapes onto the back of our tissue sheet.

Christmas tree template from Activity villageAnd then the kids cut out their trees and stuck them onto thick coloured paper to make their cards.

Christmas cards - tissue paper christmas trees using a template from activity village

A small first batch it does feel good to get all the card making started.

Christmas cards on ofamilyblog

UPDATE – when I initially wrote this post the Activity Village pages that we used were free to download but the Activity Village website has since changed and the pages can now only be downloaded if you are a member.


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  1. hicamie says:

    What lovely cards! 🙂


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