Folders / lapbooks / Learning aids

The lapbooks and folders that we have made.


Compound Word Folder – using FREE pages from Twinkl

Contraction Folder  – using FREE pages from Twinkl

Animals and Their Young Words – Free pages from Twinkl

Male and Female Word folder – Premium pages from Twinkl

Verb and Noun folder idea – using words cut out of magazines

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs – Premium Twinkl pages

Letter and Sound folder  – for kids learning to read – version one is free pages and version two includes paid for pages

Upper case and Lower case Penguin folder – matching activity for kids learning their letters using FREE pages

Spot the Word folders – using words cut out of magazines

Plural Folder – Premium Twinkl pages

Add ing and drop the e

Adding ed

K or CK spelling rule



Telling Time Folders – 2 versions – one using free pages and one using paid for pages

Number Folder for young kids – free pages

Doubling and Halving – home-made learning aid that I made for my daughter

Number Bond learning aid folder – simple home-made learning aid

Addition and Multiplication Flip book – very simple home-made flip book for the kids

Multiplication and Division Flower folding aid – using a Twinkl premium page as a base

100 Square Activity – adding 1, subtracting 1, adding 10 and subtracting 10

Fractions, Decimals and Percentage – folding aid / learning poster

Equivalent Fractions – folding aid / activity for kids (Twinkl Platinum pages used)



My Body Lapbook – using a mix of FREE and paid for pages

Dinosaur Folder – using Premium pages from Twinkl

Basic Beginer Spanish Folder – free Twinkl pages

Basic 4 Season Folder idea – this is a very basic folder for very young kids learning about the 4 seasons.

Afrikaans Lapbook – a combination of Twinkl pages and some pages that I made