Activity Village pages for Home Ed (version 2)

It has almost been a year since I wrote my first post about using Activity Village pages in our home-ed and since then I have discovered a number of new pages on the Activity Village website which we have used (or I am planning on using) so I thought it was about time I wrote a version 2.  (As Activity Village have changed their website I am now going to sdjust the post with the words FREE or membership behind every link)

I have to start by sharing the link for these Large Number cards with Dots (FREE) for younger kids learning their numbers.  Mine are too old for this but I used something very similar with my daughter and it was great.

I am loving all the Ordinal Number pages that they have up on their website, my youngest is just starting to learn his ordinal numbers so I have spent quite a bit of time looking at all the different pages and worksheets that they have.

I like the ordinal number match up (membership) where the kids have to match the ordinal numbers to the correct words.

Ordinal number puzzle from Activity Village

And my son loves the ordinal number racing cars  (membership) We have had some fun games where he races his cars and then allocates the correct  ordinal numbered car to his toy cars.  He thinks this is great fun and has come up with little challenges for himself where he tries to get certain cars and in certain positions.

Ordinal Number cars free to download from Activity Village

My youngest has also been doing a number of mazes (FREE) lately.  I love mazes as they are a great pencil control activity for him and he enjoys the challenge.  There are lots of mazes on the activity village website to choose from and the great thing is they are all slightly different and they are aimed at different aged kids.  So my youngest can do a maze while his sister attempts a harder version.  Perfect for the way my kids like to work together.

My daughter has used a number of the Rainbow number bond pages that are on the website, they have posters and worksheets which you can download and use.  The photo below is of the Rainbow Number bond to 20 Worksheet. (membership)

Rainbow Number bond worksheet free to download from activity village

My daughter loves reading about animals so I have started printing off the animal fact-finding pages for her.  They have been great at encouraging her to do some writing (and her younger brother also has a bit of a go).  They have a huge range of these pages for lots of different animals – Animal Fact Finding pages. (FREE)Iwas actually thinking the kids could use the animal fact-finding pages to make a small book.

My youngest is still a very early reader but he likes copying his big sister.  She has just started reading some basic chapters books and as a result has made herself some bookmarks so naturally my youngest wanted his own bookmarks to go in his readers.  I made him some of these High Frequency Word Bookmarks (membership). He thinks he is very grown up with his new bookmarks and it is helping him with his reading as he is forever practicing the words on them.

High frequency words bookmark free to download from activity village

And in case you missed the photos I shared on our facebook page my son has been loving all the animal word puzzles.

word puzzles

The word puzzles in the photo above are the following (all membership)

Whale word puzzle, Shark word puzzle, sheep word puzzle and kangaroo word puzzle

My daughter enjoyed using the vocabulary extension pages (membership) earlier in the year.  It turned out to be a fun exercise in coming up with different words which we could use instead of good/ bad/ nice etc

Vocabulary extension page for Good from Activity village

And the animal alphabet challenge (membership) has also been a hit with my two kiddies.

animal alphabet challenge page from activity village

And just in case you missed the original Activity Village post here it is – Using Activity Village for homeschooling

Also you might enjoy our – Froggy 4 times table post and our Autumn has arrived with some help from Activity Village

Activity Village pages used in our Home education









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