Maths pages from the Twinkl website

Every so often I try to write a general post which includes links for the worksheets and pages that we have been using from Twinkl. This time I am only going to write about Maths.  I have written a few of these before so there might be some duplicate links in this one and the post might end up like a bit of a list (so sorry about that) but I know that sometimes we just want a list of possible pages to use.  So here are some of the Maths pages that we have used a LOT.  I will include if it is free or part of their paid for packages.

Addition and Subtraction Peg Cards

I always laminate our peg cards as we use them multiple times and we also like to use them with our white board marker pens.

Addition to 10 peg cards (gold) , subtraction from 10 peg card (gold), addition to 20 peg card (gold), subtraction from 20 peg card activity (platinum)

Robot Number Bond Worksheets

There are a number of these pages.  We have used them as practice sheets.  Robot Mixed Number Bonds to 10 (Free) and Robot Mixed Number Bonds to 20 (free)

Build a house times table activity. 

We love this and have done it every time we learn a new times table.  There are so many options for these here is one – 2,5 and 10 times table build a house activity (platinum).  They also have now create a Basic addition build a house activity (platinum).  This is great for younger siblings who want to copy the work that the older ones are busy doing.

build a house maths activity from Twinkl for addition and multiplication

Times table folding cards

So simple but my daughter loves these.  She has used them over and over and in many different ways (I have written 2 posts already about these – Folding cards and multiplication booklets) but I could not leave them out of this list.


Circle Fraction Pieces (gold).  We stuck these onto paper plates earlier this year and cut out the fraction pieces and boy have they been used.  Great way for the kids to figure out equivalent fractions (take one 1/2 and see which other pieces fit on top of it)

Circle fractions from Twinkl resources stuck onto paper plates

Clock for learning minutes

This is the one that we love – Clock (platinum).  This clock is great.  My kids love it.  Perfect for when they are learning 5 past and 10 past etc.  We actually used it in a very simple time folder here – telling time lapbook)

Analogue Clock learning aid from Twinkl

We have also printed out a different clock and stuck it up on a board in our kitchen.  The kids often refer back to this one when they want to double-check that they have the time correct – Analogue Clock Flower labels (platinum)

I know I have already shared links for these last two many times but they are great and are both Free to download

100 Number Square (so many uses)

And the Number Multiple Poster (skip counting) – love this poster

Sorry if that is a bit of a list but hope it helps some of you who also use the Twinkl website

Twinkl resources Maths pages that we use on ofamily learning together

You might also find the follow Maths post interesting

Place Value Ice-cream cone activity with craft sticks  and Multiplication and Division flower learning aids

Twinkl maths pages used by ofamily learning together






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My favourite Usborne Flap books

I recently received an email asking which book is our (my kids and mine) favourite Usborne flap book (they were referring to the Look Inside / See Inside Range of books by Usborne).  Wow what a question.  I thought about it a lot and my answer is – it really depends on the kids current interests.  We seem to obsess over one of them while we are learning/ talking/ exploring a certain topic and then as the interest in that topic wanes so does the kids interest that book.  And I know that is not the answer this person wanted, they wanted a name of one book so they could add it to their Christmas shopping so here is my top few favourites instead.

The Usborne See Inside the Your Body book.  My kids love this book, they have found it fascinating and have spent hours reading through the book with their dad and also by themselves.  (I wrote a detailed post about this book here – Learning about the Human Body).  Probably my current no 1 Usborne book in terms of Home-education Science.

Young kids fascinated by the Usborne See Inside your body book

The Usborne See Inside Trains.  My little man loves anything to do with engines / moving parts / vehicles and this book has been a huge hit with him.

Usborne See Inside Trains - trains throught history with diagrams and explanations of how they worked

The book starts with the Golden Age of Steam and shows how the trains evolved up until modern high-speed trains.  There are lots of little flaps for the kids to lift and see details about the engines and other bits including train stations , the carriages and junctions.  It is a great book for train-mad kids to page through and is also very informative.

See Inside Trains how a diesel engine works

See Inside the History of Britain.  I love this book and it is great for helping little people re-enforce what order everything happened.  It starts off with Early Britain, then The Middle Ages, Tudor Times, Georgian Times, Britain beyond Britain, Victorian Power, Britain at war and ends with Famous People.  It is NOT detailed, so do not expected that but it is a brilliant summary of British History. I love paging through this book with the kids and find the illustrations such a good way for visual learners to understand the difference in the time periods.

Usborne See Inside the History of Britain Tudor Times page

I recently bought a new Usborne book as a Christmas Present for my son, and although he has not looked at it yet so I can not comment on his reaction I must admit that I love it and think it is going to be big hit.  It is the See Inside How Things Work book.  Topics covered are – Simple Machines, Movers and Shakers, Getting going, Making Music, Waterworks, Floating and flying, Everyday inventions, Up down and around and lastly Bits and Pieces.  I really do my little man is going to love seeing what makes all these things work.

See Inside How things work the getting going page

Here are links for the books that I mentioned above

See Inside Your Body

See Inside Trains (Usborne See Inside)

See Inside History of Britain (Usborne See Inside)

How Things Work (See Inside) (Usborne See Inside)

All of the Usborne books I have mentioned in the post are books that I have bought for my kids.  This post has nothing to do with Usborne publishing it is just me trying to answer a question I received.

I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. 

Favourite three Usborne Flap Books






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Christmas Decoration Kits

As much as I love doing crafts with the kids there are times when I am thankful I have a few ready prepared craft kids sitting in my cupboard.  I find when I am feeling totally exhausted or sick having something easy to give to the kids that does not require a lot of input from me can be the difference between me getting through the day a happy mommy verses me a grumpy mummy who is stuck cleaning up a huge mess when I feel like my head might explode.

Luckily for me from time to time I get a little box of craft kits sent to us by Baker Ross.  These crafting kits normally contain everything the kids need to complete the craft and most of time leave very little mess.  The latest box contained some lovely Christmas decorations.

The kids started off making some hanging elves and hanging Santa’s for the Christmas Tree.  The kids made these by themselves without any input from me (just involves stickers).

Baker Ross christmas decoration kits

I like these bright cheerful child-made Christmas tree decorations.

Baker Ross Christmas Tree elf and Santa decoration sets

They also had a go at making some snowflake christmas tree decorations.  These involve some finger printing on the snowflakes and then some sticking of decorative jewel like stickers.  My youngest especially enjoyed making these.

Baker Ross christmas tree snowflake decorations

And yes I know I am biased being their mum and all but I do think they look cute hanging on our Christmas Tree.

Baker Ross Christmas Tree decorations hanging on the tree

We also received some lovely festive window decorations which they kids just need to colour in and then you hang up on your windows.

Baker Ross Christmas Window decorations being coloured in

We are still busy colouring all of them in but so far I think they are looking stunning (yes yes biased mum again).

Baker Ross Christmas window decorations

I love that all the Christmas decoration kits are super easy for the kids to do and require little input from me.  Apart from giving me the chance to have a quick cup of tea (you know a hot cup of tea and not one of those cups where you make it and leave it for the next 20 mins) I also think that these are great for confidence building.  The kids can follow the basic instructions and finish it without having to ask me.

The craft kits included in this post were sent to us by Baker Ross.  The full range of Baker Ross Christmas goodies can be found here – Baker Ross Christmas







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I’m the Gingerbread Man

There is something about the weather turning colder, kids asking for warm baked biscuits and suddenly my two are singing ” run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I am the …………………….. man” (they insert whatever biscuit I have baked or they are busy eating into the phrase).

So in the beginning on November the kids and I re-read the Gingerbread man story (yes I know it is now the beginning of December but we had visitors so my blog posts are a bit behind) and I did a search for some Gingerbread themed activities.  We actually tried to bake some but the kids were not fans of the end result so hubbie got a whole bunch of Gingerbread men to eat.

I found a bunch of FREE Gingerbread man pages on Activity Village so we had a go at some of those.  They both had a go at the Complete the picture Gingerbread man page.

Complete the Gingerbread Man page from Activity Village

We stayed on the “drawing theme” and tried the How to Draw a Gingerbread Man page next.

Gingerbread Man Activity - how to draw a gingerbread man page

They both did really well and my daughter is now getting to that stage where she draws the shapes and then rubs out the unnecessary lines – my son is not interested in rubbing any lines out – he just colours over everything and moves onto the next project (rubbing out lines is just too time consuming for my youngest).

How to draw a Gingerbread Man free to download from Activity Village

I few days later my daughter tried the Complete the Gingerbread Man on grid paper.  This is a new idea for her.  I am trying to get her use to the idea of breaking pictures down into grids as a way of helping herself when she wants to draw.  This is definitely something we are going to do more of. I know from experience it really helps to break your drawings down into a grid so I want her to get use to seeing simple pictures broken into grids form early on.

Complete the Gingerbread man on grid paper

We also managed to squeeze some writing practice for my youngest into our Gingerbread theme.  My youngest is not the biggest fan of handwriting books but he seems to like these handwriting pages from Activity Village (gingerbread writing page link).

Gingerbread Man free to download handwriting page from Activity Village

And while his older sister was doing some Division practice he also had a go at the Gingerbread colour by numbers (I was really happy to realise he can now do these colour by numbers all by himself as he can read all the words without help from me or his older sister).

Gingerbread Man Activities - colour by number free to download by Activity Village

I am trying very hard to cut down on all my printing so I am wherever possible I only print out 1 page and then slot that page into our Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets.
Then one kiddio does the page, wipes it clean and the second one gets a go.

Free to download Gingerbread Man pages from Activity Village

I do  include Affiliate links in my posts. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.





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Colour Together Nature Book

The kids and I often do art activities together, we will sometimes jointly colour in a picture, draw together on a large piece of paper or even paint together.  My oldest in particular enjoys it when we do joint art activities so when Anderson Press asked if we would be interested in a copy of the Colour Together Nature book I immediately liked the sound of it.  Let me state at the very beginning we are not normally fans of colouring books but I liked the idea that each double page has been designed with a simpler and harder version of the same topic as a way of encouraging family members to sit and colour together (okay so you might ask why would you want to colour together ? – In my experience sitting with the kids and joining in normally results in lots of open chats).

When the book arrived I was not disappointed.  The pictures are stunning.

Colour Together Nature Book example of an inside page

And both the simpler page and the more complicated page are equally stunning.

colour together nature book example of a double page

And my daughter (who is currently eight years old) agreed.  She thought the pictures were gorgeous and she loved the topics – butterflies, foxes, mushrooms, beetles stunning nature pictures.

Colour Together Nature Book - spring blossoms

She also liked the fact that the background of each picture is already “coloured” in.  So you can concentrate on the stunning pictures and you don’t have to worry about the background.

Colour Together Nature Book Butterfly page partly coloured in

We actually recently used the book as a calming down activity and it was great.  We had been out to London on a very busy, noisy outing and by the time we got home my daughter desperately needed a quiet activity that she could do with me.  The book was perfect.  We sat next to each other and quietly coloured in a stunning butterfly picture.  It totally did the trick and helped her to relax after the busy outing.

Colour Together Nature Book a stunning colouring book

So as I mentioned we were given this book you might be wondering would I happily buy this book ? – YES.  I would absolutely buy this for my daughter.  And I am actually planning on buying a copy as a birthday present for one of my daughter’s friends.  My parents who are currently visiting both commented on how lovely this book is and how it looks like a really good quality book.  We really do LOVE it.

You can buy the book from Amazon  – Colour Together: Nature

Colour Together Nature Book a stunning book which enourages family colouring




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Nativity Cone People

My kids enjoy making Christmas decorations and they love the Cone People from Twinkl so when I stumbled on the Nativity Cone people (I was actually looking for another Nativity activity) I immediately printed them out for the kids.  I actually printed them on some thin card that we have as I wanted to make sure that they would last once the kids had done all the colouring.

My kids initially tried to figure out what colours they should use by looking at some books that we had but as the illustrations in most books are different we decided that they could use their own colours.

Nativity Cone peple from Twinkl

The download includes 10 different cone figures – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel, three Wise Men, two Shepherds and one sheep – so it involves a fair bit of colouring in (you can also print out a coloured version if you wanted).  So we did ours over a few days.

Nativity Cone People from Twinkl - Baby Jesus being coloured in

Once the kids had coloured all the cone people in we cut them out and stuck them together (note if you decide to hang the cone people I would recommend using a hole punch to create a hole before you stick them together – I did not do this so it was a lot harder to make a neat hole later on).

The initial idea was to create a scene with the cone people on the mantle above the fire-place.

Nativity Cone People a great Christmas activity for children

And although we thought it made a lovely display once we started putting our Christmas tree up the kids asked if we could not hang the cone people on the tree (so a small hole at the back and some red string and we had hanging cone people).

Nativity Cone People hanging on the Christmas tree

And I must admit I love the cone people hanging on the Christmas tree.  It was really easy to do and I think (yes yes I know I am bias) they make a lovely child-made Christmas tree decoration.

Cone People Christmas tree decorations

The Nativity Cone People are part of Twinkl’s platinum package here is the link – Nativity Cone People

The card we use – we like the White Copier card – it is not as thick as normal card (so it is a bit cheaper to buy) but it is a lot sturdier than using normal paper – we buy this – Lightweight White Card for Children to Use in All Types of Crafts 160 gsm (Pack of 100).  It is perfect for printing out pages that you want to turn into booklets / cards and also great for crafting activities.

Nativity Cone People a fun Christmas activity for childrenI have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.





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Crafty Stocking fillers

I never really know what to include in Christmas stockings.  When it comes to buying smaller items I still want them to be worthwhile, I do not like the idea of filling a stocking up with cheap items that are not going to be used again.  So this year after some thought I decided to include two crafty sets for each kid.  I thought about the crafty items that they enjoy doing but possibly do not always make it into my crafty shopping basket when I am stocking up on my essentials (so more of a crafty treat for the kids).

Mini Bead Sets

My kids love their Hama Beads (fusion beads / perla beads whatever you want to call them).  And we do have quite a collection of beads and boards but this past year I bought the kids two different bead sets – Under the sea fuse bead set and Jungle Animal fuse bead set – you can buy both directly from the Baker Ross website or from Amazon.

Creating the animals from the Jungle animal fuse bead kit

fusion bead tiger and lion made from the Baker Ross kits

Both kids loved these sets.  There was just something about getting a little set with some patterns, a few small boards and some beads that they loved.  It is great for an indoor activity in the middle of winter and it really gets those little brains working as they have to count and figure out which colours go where. So as a treat they are each getting a new set.  I am going for the bird and owl set this time Bird Fuse Bead Kits for Children to Make Decorate and Display as Summer Crafts (Pack of 6)  and   Owl Fuse Bead Kit for Children to Design Make and Display (Pack of 6)

Scratch Art

My kids and their friends love the scratch art sets.  I have bought two sets (again you can buy both sets from Baker Ross or from Amazon).  I like these sets as they are so easy to slip into a small bag and take with you when you are out and about and so far all of the kids friends will happily join in and do some scratch art with the kids.

Scratch art pictures really easy to take with you for the kids to do while out and about

They can scratch away in-between having a chat with their mates or while they wait for the other sibling to finish an activity (they have become quite popular as an activity while we wait for ballet classes to end). I also like the fact that the picture is already outlined on the page so there is no artistic pressure for the kids to create a picture themselves.  My kids are getting these two new sets in their stockings this year.

So for my son I am adding the Space Scratch Art Pictures Creative Educational Set for Children to Make Personalise and Display (Pack of 6)  and my daughter who is starting to show an interest in learning about  Asia I am adding the  Chinese Scratch Art Scenes Creative Craft Set for Children to Design Decorate and Display (Pack of 6)

For those of you who like the look of the sets used in the photos above here are the links

Jungle animal fuse bead set you can buy directly from Baker Ross – here jungle animal fuse bead set or you can order it from amazon here Jungle Animal Fuse Bead Craft Kits for Children to Design Make and Hang (Pack of 6)

The scratch art pictures were a combination of two different sets.

The Christmas themed set which you can buy from Baker Ross here Christmas themed scratch art picture and from Amazon here Christmas Scratch Art Pictures for Children to Make Xmas Decorations (Pack of 6)

Also the penguin themed scratch art pictures which you can buy directly from Baker Ross here – penguin themed scratch art set or from amazon here Penguin Scratch Art Pictures for Children to Design and Personalise for Xmas – Creative Christmas Craft Toy for Kids (Pack of 6).

penguin scratch art picture from the Baker Ross set

All sets included in the posts are sets that I have bought for my kids. I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. 




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