Kids IKEA Desks

I have been saying for a number of months that I need to change the kids main table/ desk area.  They use it for so many things and the blue set (Mammut from IKEA) which we have had for 4 years has been perfect but my oldest is just getting too tall for them and I can see that when she sits there she is not comfortable.  I have battled to decide what to do.  I kept going around in circles –  should I get them desks or just a table and some chairs.  They use the table/ desk area for lots of home-ed activities and we often move it around to suit us so I needed something that was not too heavy and that I could move by myself, something versatile and something that could last for a few years.

My husband spotted these adjustable desks at IKEA (Pahl Desk) but I admit I was hesitant at first.  My two like working together and I was worried it would not be suitable for my youngest.  Anyway I needed to go to IKEA to get something for my other work (I am an accountant) so we tested the adjustable desks and the swivel chairs with the kids.  My youngest just manages (I did not want his feet dangling in the air when he sits on the chair) and my oldest is the perfect height.  Both kids loved the swivel chairs and the desks so I finally took the plunge and bought some. (My daughter desperately wanted a pink set and my son was equally desperate for a blue set so we have one pink and one blue).

And putting them together – really easy and quick (in fact my daughter complained that it was too easy to build as she like helping us build the IKEA goodies).  And yes they are easy enough for me to move around by myself but they are also very sturdy.

IKEA Desks Pahl range great for home learning activities

Both kids love them.  They have already used them for a bunch of activities, lots of drawing and they are great as a counter for their “shop”.

IKEA kids desk PAHL you can adjust the legs for different heights

On and I also got this add-on unit which sits on top of the desk – it is just a little storage area.

Kids desk from IKEA Pahl range great for home learning activities

And in case you spotted the frames on the desks they are the IKEA Tolsby frames (£1 each).   I  bought some purely because I saw Twinkl had started making  pages that fit into the frames.  I love leaving learning bits and pieces out for the kids so the idea of using these frames really appealed to me.  We have started using them with the times table and division pages – Tolsby Times and Division Resources Pack. ( The picture below is the 5 times table page from the pack – my youngest wanted his own times table frame.)

.Twinkl Times table and division pages made to fit into the Tolsby frames from IKEA

All the IKEA products were purchased by us for our kids to use as part of our home-education.





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  1. Camie says:

    I haven’t shopped IKEA in years but in our theatre room, we have a row of IKEA bookcases that house our movie collection and they work really well for that purpose. I love the desks you got your kids and the add on unit.

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