Hama Bead Christmas Tree decorations

Yes we have actually started making Christmas tree decorations.  It was not planned by me but my daughter asked for some new Hama Bead patterns to follow and she choose two Christmas themed patterns from the Activity Village website.  Activity village have a large selection of Hama Bead patterns (they call them fusion beads) which you can download and print for free.  My daughter loves copying the patterns, and I think it is a great activity for her as she has to work out the patterns herself.  We leave our Hama bead boards on a tray as the kids will often complete a pattern over more than one sitting.

Here are the two patterns that she selected.

Activity Village link  – The Christmas tree Hama Bead pattern

Christmas tree Hama bead pattern from Activity village

Activity Village link – The Christmas Stocking Hama Bead Pattern

Christmas stocking Hama bead pattern from Activity village made into a Chritsmas tree decoration

We decided to leave a small gap to at the top of each picture so that we could attach some string and hang them on our Christmas tree (and No we do not have a Christmas tree up yet – forward planning !!).  I ironed them on both sides to make sure the beads had melted nicely and then we tied some craft string through the hole at the top of each decoration.

Hama Bead (fusion bead) Christmas decorations onn ofamilyblogI wanted to see how they would hang and since our Christmas tree is not out yet we tested them on a door handle.

Christmas tree Hama Bead decoration

Hama Bead Christmas tree decorations on ofamilyblogI think they are a great addition to our home-made Christmas tree decorations and I am already looking forward to seeing them hanging on the tree.

The Hama Bead booard that we used is the Large Midi Square – Large White Square Pegboard (Midi)  and the bead were from a set of bright colours (also the Ikea tub of coloured beads would work well for these patterns).

UPDATE – when I initially wrote this post the Hama Bead patterns that we used were free to download but the Activity Village website has since changed and the pages can now only be downloaded if you are a member.

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2 Responses to Hama Bead Christmas Tree decorations

  1. happyhema says:

    Our decorations last year were all homemade and we loved it so much. We’re doing the same this year and I think my children will love this idea. I didn’t know that Activity Village did Hama Bead patterns!


  2. hicamie says:

    These are great! Homemade decorations are the best!


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