Using Activity Village for homeschooling

I know lots of people already know about the Activity Village website but most people think of them as a website with colouring pages and craft ideas.  And yes they have lots of great craft ideas and we have actually used some of their colouring pages as templates for fun Maths activity – our butterfly doubling.   But their website actually has a number of educational pages which are great to use with young homeschoolers.

We are still getting to know the website but these are my current top Activity Village pages to use in your homeschool.  (UPDATE – when I first wrote this post all the pages I used were Free to download but they are now all included in the Activity Village membership deal)

Yellow lined writing paper.   Yes yes I know this is just a lined page but if one of your kids has ever battled with their handwriting you will appreciate how finding the right lined page that helps them can be vital.  For my daughter this page was just that.

Letter Doodle tiles.  Love these.  I think these are great for kids to use when they are learning how to spell their names or learning sight words.  The kids can decorate the letters however they want (what about some letter mosaics ?)

Doodle pattern alphabet tiles from Activity Village

Word tracing pages.  They have a bunch.  So far we have used the word tracing pages for the colours, numbers, days of the week and months of the year.  My son really likes using these pages to write his letters but he also likes using his magnetic letters to copy the words.

word tracing pages from Activity village used with magnetic letters found on ofamilyblog

We also really like these colour worksheets.

activity village blue colour page

Word Searches  My daughter loves doing word searches and I have to admit they have a massive selection on the Activity Village website.  My son is just starting to join in, he looks for the pattern of letters.

Free word searches from Activity village

Story starter pages.  I am always on the look out for ways to encourage my daughter to write more so I am glad we found these.  We are going to be giving some of these story starter pages a try in September.


Story starter pages from Activity Village

Maps.  They have a large selection of maps and some lovely around the world pages which go really nicely with a country study.

Times table posters.  Theses are simple and not too overwhelming for the kids.  We actually have this 5 times table hanging up in our kitchen at the moment.  They also do a version of this with the words included – Times table poster with words.

Times table posters from Activity villageTheir templates.  Yes you can use these for arts and crafts but you could also use them for making stick puppets or the simple flower template as a way of revising number bonds.  My daughter did this and really enjoyed the activity.

Flower number bond 8flower number bond 9

There really are so many great pages on the Activity Village website I would love to hear which ones are your favourites.

Activity village pages used by ofamilyblog



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2 Responses to Using Activity Village for homeschooling

  1. Thank you, I have just visited and explored more x


    • ofamily2014 says:

      Oh so glad to hear. I have been spending more time on the activity village website this last week and I am finding lots of great goodies for the kids to do. I am going to try and share some more of the links on our facebook page tomorrow and next week

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