Easy Template Art Activity

This week has been tough (and yes it is only Wednesday) our boiler decided it was going to stop working (in case you are not from the UK the boiler is what controls your hot water and heating).  So in an attempt to distract the kids, I set out an art activity that I have been meaning to do with them for ages.  I used the Free to download Person Template from Activity Village, cut out a number of little people in card and then collected some goodies from the art cupboard and suggested we make some people.  (Update – when I wrote this post the template was Free to download it is now part of the Activity Village membership package)

Both kids immediately thought this was a good idea and jumped right in.

crafting at our kitchen table


I thought they would do collage people – lots of sticking of crafty bits – but both kids surprised me and choose to colour most of the template in and then just add bits for detail.


They both seemed to like using the coloured tape for hair, googly eyes were a must on all the people and a few were even given earings.

The Magic maize was also used on two people – one person was given magic maize hair in an attempt to make curly hair.


It was a very simple activity to set up but I do recommend cutting the people out of card if the kids are going to add lots of detail.  It also was a great activity for the kids in terms of planning.  My youngest realized that sometimes it is best to do certain things in order.  He stuck some buttons on and then tried to colour his one person only to realize that it would work better if he did the colouring in first and then added the details afterwards.

Young Child's easy craft activity using a people template

I love simple art activities like this where the kids can just have fun and be creative.  My son will often start an art activity with us but rarely is still sitting at the table by the time his big sister finishes.  However with this he happily sat and made 4 different people and only stopped when he had finished using all the templates.  I am definitely going to try to use more simple cut out templates with him in future – they really do have a big selection on the Activity Village website


Kids art activity using the Free to download people template from Activity Village













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  1. Camie says:

    They turned out really cute!


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