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Encouraging writing with Story Starter Cubes

One of our areas of focus at the moment is story writing.  My oldest is not a fan of writing stories, she says she never knows what to write.  And when she does write she tends to write facts, not … Continue reading

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The Scarecrow’s Wedding craft and writing

We have not done fun crafty story based activities for ages but I noticed the past week that my youngest has been reading and rereading The Scarecrows’ Wedding to himself so I thought it might be fun to use the … Continue reading

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Hedgehog crafty fun with a template

There is something about Autumn that makes you think of hedgehog and Squirrel crafts and since we have done a few squirrel crafts we thought we would have a go at some hedgehogs.  Everyone has been feeling a bit tired … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus

One of the books that both my kids have been enjoying is their Christopher Columbus (Young Reading Level 3). They have found the story fascinating, lots of comments about how could people  have thought the earth was flat, how did … Continue reading

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Spider Art

My youngest is the normally the more reluctant artist but then every so often we discover an art activity that he loves and he just can’t get enough.  For any art activity to be a hit with him it has … Continue reading

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Colouring with Tissue Paper Detail

When my daughter was younger she was not a fan of colouring in but she loved crafting so we tried to combine the two as much as we could.  And one of the activities that stuck with us is colouring … Continue reading

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Sudoku for kids from Activity Village

I must confess I was one of those people who went through a Sudoku craze.  I loved doing them so last year when I spotted that Activity Village had a Sudoku for kids pack in their shop I naturally wanted … Continue reading

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