I’m the Gingerbread Man

There is something about the weather turning colder, kids asking for warm baked biscuits and suddenly my two are singing ” run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I am the …………………….. man” (they insert whatever biscuit I have baked or they are busy eating into the phrase).

So in the beginning on November the kids and I re-read the Gingerbread man story (yes I know it is now the beginning of December but we had visitors so my blog posts are a bit behind) and I did a search for some Gingerbread themed activities.  We actually tried to bake some but the kids were not fans of the end result so hubbie got a whole bunch of Gingerbread men to eat.

I found a bunch of  Gingerbread man pages on Activity Village so we had a go at some of those (Update – since writing this post all of the pages I used are now part of the activity Village membership package and are no longer Free).  They both had a go at the Complete the picture Gingerbread man page.

Complete the Gingerbread Man page from Activity Village

We stayed on the “drawing theme” and tried the How to Draw a Gingerbread Man page next.

Gingerbread Man Activity - how to draw a gingerbread man page

They both did really well and my daughter is now getting to that stage where she draws the shapes and then rubs out the unnecessary lines – my son is not interested in rubbing any lines out – he just colours over everything and moves onto the next project (rubbing out lines is just too time consuming for my youngest).

How to draw a Gingerbread Man free to download from Activity Village

I few days later my daughter tried the Complete the Gingerbread Man on grid paper.  This is a new idea for her.  I am trying to get her use to the idea of breaking pictures down into grids as a way of helping herself when she wants to draw.  This is definitely something we are going to do more of. I know from experience it really helps to break your drawings down into a grid so I want her to get use to seeing simple pictures broken into grids form early on.

Complete the Gingerbread man on grid paper

We also managed to squeeze some writing practice for my youngest into our Gingerbread theme.  My youngest is not the biggest fan of handwriting books but he seems to like these handwriting pages from Activity Village (gingerbread writing page link).

Gingerbread Man free to download handwriting page from Activity Village

And while his older sister was doing some Division practice he also had a go at the Gingerbread colour by numbers (I was really happy to realise he can now do these colour by numbers all by himself as he can read all the words without help from me or his older sister).

Gingerbread Man Activities - colour by number free to download by Activity Village

I am trying very hard to cut down on all my printing so I am wherever possible I only print out 1 page and then slot that page into our Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets.
Then one kiddio does the page, wipes it clean and the second one gets a go.

Free to download Gingerbread Man pages from Activity Village

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