Eggshell Tulip Picture

Eggshell Tulip picture on ofamilyblogUPDATE – when I initially wrote this post the Tulip template that we used was free to download but the Activity Village website has since changed and the tulip template can now only be downloaded if you are a member.

The kids painted a bunch of eggshells last week.

painting egg shells

The idea was to use the painted eggshells to make some Easter Egg mosaic pictures but the kids wanted to do a Spring picture instead.  My daughter choose this Tulip Template from Activity village and she cut out two  (one for her to use and one for her brother).

The kids broke the painted eggshells into smaller bits (I think this was my sons favourite part of the entire project) and then the kids used their Mod Podge glue to stick the eggshells onto the cut-out template.

Sticking the eggshelld onto the cut-out Tulip from Activity Village


Eggshell picture drying

The kids found that once you put the eggshells onto the glue it was best to press done onto the eggshells to make sure that they stuck properly.  We left ours to dry for a few hours and while it was drying the kids painted some paper plates to use as backgrounds.

Eggshell picture - painted some paper plates

This was enough art for my youngest so he went to play and left his sister to finish the picture.

Eggshell Tulip picture

We did find by trial and error that not all paints work that well on the eggshells, some just flaked off.  The two best brands where the Crafty Crocodiles paint and the Crayola paint.

painted eggshell tulip picture. Made by decorating a tulip template with painted eggshells. Great tactile activity for children



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3 Responses to Eggshell Tulip Picture

  1. Camie says:

    That is soo cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great idea! Always looking for new ways to teach the little ones about reusing, repurposing, and recycling.


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