Templates and Paint Dabbers


When we find something that both kids enjoy doing we seem to do it over and over again.  The simple templates have been such a hit with the kids.  After doing the People template more times that I can count the kids moved on and made some Scarecrow’s, a multi coloured cat (according to my son it is Wilbur the Cat from the Winnie the Witch stories) and this week they have decided to combine their templates with my son’s paint dabbers.

Wilbut the Cat from the Winnie the Witch stories art activity

My son loves his paint dabbers.  Often when his big sister is painting and he is not in the mood he will ask for his dabbers and then end up sitting for ages just filling a page with colour, mixing paints or even using the dabbers to fill in a colouring page.

This time we used the templates as a basic outline and the kids dabbed around the templates.  They both choose autumn colours (and some blue for my son, he can not do an art project without including blue).

squirrel art activity with a basic template and paint dabbers

Really easy and fun to do (sometimes I have to remind myself that the easy art projects are often the fun ones for the kids).  And the result was really good.

The kids choose squirrels – Squirrel template from Activity Village (we used the largest squirrel)

autumn squirrel art activity

And the haunted house template also from Activity Village (although to be honest both my kids did not realise it was supposed to be a haunted house they just saw the outline on the website and wanted to do the house).

Haunted house art activity using a template and paint dabbers

It really is an easy art activity to set up and no parental artistic ability is needed.

Haunted house easy young child's art activity

We have had our paint dabbers for quite a while and we have used them a lot, we just rinse the paint off afterwards and let them dry and they are good to go for our next session.  Here is a link for the paint dabbers that we use – 12 Paint Dabbers (UK link) and if you are in the US – 12 Paint Dabbers by Major Brushes

paint dabbers

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UPDATE – since writing this post the templates we used are no longer Free to download they are now part of the Activity Village membership deal.

I have included an Affiliate link. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.













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