Colour Pop Christmas Cards

The kids like making Christmas cards so we try to make a mix each year, some are a bit crafty, some are hand-drawn pictures, or stickers and some are colouring cards.  Last year we used a number of the activity village templates in our Christmas cards and they all turned out stunning (last years post – Starting our Christmas Cards).  So this year I was very excited when I saw that Activity Village had added some Colour Pop Christmas cards to their collection.  I like these cards as the backgrounds are already coloured in so the kids can focus on the detail in the pictures.

My daughter started off by chosing the Merry Christmas card again (last year she did  a few of these) and she said she prefer the new coloured in background.

Merry Christmas colour pop card from activity Village

My son went all out and choose to do the very detailed Christmas Decoration Colour Pop card.  I was very surprised that he choose a card with this much detail but it was for a very special person so he worked incredibly hard at it over a number of days.

colour pop Christmas cards from activity village

I do think he did a brilliant job and love the end result (so did the person who he gave the card to).

Colour Pop Christmas Decoration Colouring Card from Activity Village

My daughter also had a go at the Christmas Tree colour pop card.  Again a detailed card and she also did hers in more than one sitting but the end result was also just stunning (and yes we have a multi-coloured Santa on the card – my kids like doing santa in all different colours).

Christmas Tree colour Pop colouring card from Activity Village

Both kids really like the way the detailed colour pop cards have turned out and they have both asked to do the Christmas Stocking Colour Pop card this week.

Christmas Colouring card from Activity Village - a Christmas stocking

I really do think Activity Village are onto something making these stunning cards with the coloured in backgrounds as both my kids have commented that it is nice not having to think about the background.

Update for 2017 – The kids are still loving the Colour Pop Christmas Cards and did a very colourful angel this year so I thought I would add the photo to the post

Colour Pop Christmas Angel colouring card from Activity Village

All the colouring card templates have been downloaded from the Activity Village website

Colour Pop Christmas Colouring Cards from Activity Village





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  1. another mom says:

    Yes, I think the coloured background must be a great hit, as the end result must look very good to the children after they have done their thing.


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