Secondary Resources

My oldest has just moved up into Key Stage 3 as of Sep 2019 so we are going to be adding to this page as we use and review more resources.  As we home educate two kids some of the Key Stage 3 posts will mention ways I am adapting the activities and resources so our youngest can join in


Starting Year 7 English Literature Resource Ideas

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Workbook 1 – good for Year 7

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet with Twinkl Resources worksheets

Pride and Prejudice Literature Companion

Pride and Prejudice Twinkl Resources pages

Starting Year 8 English Literature Ideas

Sky Hawk – fictional story with free to download resources

KS3 Comprehensions


KS3 home learning Maths pages from Twinkl

Year 8 Maths with Twinkl – talking about their Maths map doc and some menus

KS3 Maths Murder Mysteries – from Twinkl

Year 7 and Year 8 Maths Revision book

KS3 Maths Study Guide – a book that explains Maths concepts

KS3 Maths catch-up Books


Starting Year 7 Geography Resource Ideas

Geog.1 – Oxford Key Stage 3 Geography books

Rivers, Flooding – Topic Pack from Oaka Books

On the Map Board Game

Plate Tectonics

Starting Year 8 Geography Resource Ideas

Geog.2 Books – Year 8 Geography Books


Starting Year 7 History Resource Ideas

Comparing Oxford and Collins Key Stage 3 History Student Book

Battle of Hastings – a Topic Pack from Oaka Books

Medieval Britain – a secondary History book review

Medieval Topic Packs (Peasants’ Revolt and Becket and Henry II)

Lady Mary – a Historical Fictional story about Queen Mary up until the age of 21

The Spanish Armada

Revolution, Industry and Empire – a Year 8 History book (UK)

Starting Year 8 History Resource Ideas

Henry VIII – a Topic Pack

Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Settlement

Technology, War and Independence – a Year 9 History book (UK)


Starting Year 7 Science Resource Ideas

Activate 1 – Key Stage 3 Science Student book – the Year 7 book we are using


Biology Pairs Game

Starting Year 8 Science Resource Ideas


Science workbook – Activate 1 for Year 7

Activate 2 Student Book – Year 8 Science

Super Simple Biology – book for KS3 and Ks4

Food and Digestion Topic Pack

Plants and Photosynthesis Topic Pack


Oaka Digital – online resources which cover a wide range of subjects

Teachit Secondary sites – different websites for Secondary subjects

Most Used Year 7 Resources


Secondary Resources by ofamily learning together