Basic addition worksheets

When my daughter was learning her basic addition I would often write out sums for her. But with my son I have taken to creating the worksheets on the computer.  I  find it easier to have an idea of what maths and english each child is going to do that week and I like to print it all out and get it ready over the weekend – not that we always stick to it or always get everything done.

I set up some sums for him in a mini-doc.  I started with basic adding 1 in order (eg 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 +1 etc) then the next page is the same sums but mixed up and then it goes onto adding 2, again first in order and then mixed up, adding 3, adding 4 and adding 5.  What I like about have the sums in the document is I can always reprint a page as revision later on.    I also left some extra space at the bottom of each page so that he can write out a number line if he wants to.

addition practice page inside a write and wipe pocket ready to use



And I also added a few pages where all the sums are mixed up (so adding 2 and adding 3 sums combined on a page).

It is just straight forward addition practice.  No bells and whistles.  No cute pictures added or special colours.  Just practice.

With my daughter I found that she worked best with a mix of the hands on more fun maths activities and then some straight forward practice pages.  She needed both.  As much as she loved doing the maths activities and maths games she also needed the straight forward practice so that she could build up her confidence and move onto more complicated sums.

So in case anyone would like to download it here it is. – addition practice for adding 1 to 5 (14 pages in total).


And at the end of the document is a page with the number words written out – just because my youngest is trying hard to learn the spelling and wanted to practice.

Once I got everything set up it was actually quite quick to do.  So I am going to create a few more like this – more addition pages, some basic subtraction and a multiplication / division one for my daughter.

Here he is doing one of the pages while his sister was busy doing her maths (he loves getting his own pages that look similar to his sisters)

Practicing addition with home-made free to download pages






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