Population Topic Pack

When it comes to any subject I always think the kids pick up how you (the parent) feels about teaching / explaining it. If you are just not inspired or if you do not enjoy it they naturally pick it up and that is NOT a good thing. So when it came to covering Population with my daughter I knew that she would pick up on the fact that I don’t really enjoy the Human side of Geography (I much prefer doing volcanoes, rocks and rivers) so I knew I needed to get a good resource to help us. I had already seen some population explanations in other resources and they just seemed a bit dull and dry so I asked Oaka of we could have a look at their Population Pack.

And it was just what I wanted. Colourful, engaging images with short concise explanations, just what I needed to get us through a topic that I was just not that excited about.

And I liked the way they included the graphs – well explained and too the point. Graphs are not my daughter’s favourite so we really appreciated that they were included and that the explanations were easy to follow and understand.

Okay so what is covered?

  • what is population eg population distribution
  • habitable environments
  • difficult places to live
  • population explosion
  • death rate and birth rate
  • population density
  • population in the UK
  • population growth patterns
  • China’s one child policy
  • world population growth
  • world population map
  • population graphs

And as always the topic booklet explains the concepts and then the kids get to fill in the missing words, missing sentences in the Write Your Own Notes.

And then everything they have learnt about gets reinforced one more time with the active learning game.

I have said multiple times that we are fans of these topic packs but I must admit that I am the biggest fan when it comes to using them for topics that I am not that comfortable with and topics that in all honesty I would quite happily avoid if I could (we are purposely NOT avoiding Human Geography and we are covering it properly because my daughter is still considering if she would like to do Geography as one of her GCSE subjects).

Oh and they a Settlement pack which we are moving onto next. (P.S. – I have found when covering Topics that you don’t really enjoy it helps to have good resources at hand together with a bit of chocolate.)

Admin Bit – As I mentioned above I asked Oaka Books if we could review their Population pack and they kindly sent us one.

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