African necklace craft for kids

We have been doing quite a bit about Africa at the moment and one of images that has sparked my daughters interest is that of some of the equisite necklaces and jewellery.

They are so bright and colourful so naturally we had to have our own go at making some.  Unfortunately most of our art supplies are out of reach at the moment (our floor saga continues) so we had to be extra creative with what we had.

We started off with some paper plates.  We cut out the center circle of the paper plate.  Try and cut it so that you can re-use the center bit.

paper plate

We started off  by colouring in the paper plate and the inner circle as well.  We used a combination of our oil pastels and some water-colour pencils for this but paint would also be great.

African paper plate necklace

paper plate coloursWe cut the inner circle into smaller shapes and and rolled them and glued them (we used some clothes pegs just to allow the glue to set nicely).

paper plate glued

We then used our punch to make holes in the bottom of one of the necklaces and in the glued strips.  We attached the strips to the necklace with some string

african paper plate necklace 1

African paper plate necklace 2On another one of the necklaces we glued some buttons and beads.

african paper plate necklace 3

My daughter loves them.

african paper plate necklace 4

african necklace craft for kids on ofamilylearningtogether



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7 Responses to African necklace craft for kids

  1. another mom says:

    enjoying seeing your creative side and the joy it brings to your children


  2. We have made these before but these look much more exciting I never thought to stick extra bits on. And I love the idea of using the inside of the plate to make dangly beads. Great idea!


  3. love this idea, fun and easy craft to learn about other cultures.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kmlyle says:

    That craft is awesome! We recently sponsored a little boy in Ethiopia and these necklaces would be a great way for me to teach my kids a little about African dress/culture. Pinning it now 🙂


  5. These look really nice and what good way to teach children about other cultures too.


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