Vocabulary workbooks for KS3

We started using the Get It Right series at the start of my daughter’s Year 7 – we were using the Get It Right Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar workbook 1. It was so useful, easy to use and had just the right kind of activities that we progressed onto the second Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar workbook for her Year 8. So a few months ago when I noticed that Oxford University Press where putting together a Get It Right Vocabulary series I immediately contacted them and said we would love to review it.

About 2 weeks ago the first Get It Right workbook arrived on our doorstep. And it is honestly just as easy to use as the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar series and just as much of a pleasure to work through. Plus they have kindly uploaded the answers to their website, so you don’t need to buy an answer book. (As my daughter has gotten older I have really understood the value of having model answers, it gives them more independence to do their work, check their work and just come and ask questions when they need too.)

So the format – one word over a double page.

They start off by explaining the word, then there is an activity around making sure the kids understand the meaning of the word, followed by an expanding the meaning activity (think synonyms and antonyms, positive and negative connotations, prefixes) and finally a third activity about using the word in context.

The pages are colourful and inviting to read without being overwhelming (this is always a important for us as my daughter is a visual learner but she also get overwhelmed if too much is crammed onto the page or if there are too many bright, overpowering colours – with this book they find the right balance).

It is a straight forward format, but it just make sense. The kids can spend 10 minutes or so doing a double page and really getting to grips with a word. So when they come across it in a reading activity they truly get the meaning and hopefully they will then also be more confident in using that word in their own writing. So a simple activity but one that I think is very powerful and one that I think is incredibly useful in making sure the kids have a good foundation for all their subjects (because a good vocabulary is really needed in ALL subjects not just English).

In terms of what is covered in Workbook1. I will admit that the words might have been a little bit on the easy side for my daughter and I have had a look at the words in workbook 2 and think they actually are the right level for her. But having said that my daughter and I discussed it and she wants to work through workbook 1 (she is going through it quite quickly) because she just wants that confidence of knowing that she understands how to use these words and she thinks working through the first workbook and then going onto the second one will improve her writing.

The words in the book are split into four categories and there are 9 words for each category (which means you get 36 words in a book).

  • Conflict and control – fury, sacrifice, peril, malice, adversary, ruthless, persistent, conceal and deceit.
  • Mood and tone – solemn, hostile, melancholy, bleak, apprehensive, sinister, incredulous, elated and foreboding.
  • Individual and society – moral, virtuous, sentiment, civilised, prejudice, benevolent, betray, industrious and inferior.
  • Analysis and explanation – observe, contrast, characterise, portray, evaluate, context, conventional, imply and ambiguous.

I really do think it is a useful workbook and one that is going to help the kids understanding and answering of questions in all their subjects. We are planning on working through all 3 of the workbooks and I can already say with certainty that my son will also be going through these in about a year or so.

You can get the workbook directly from the OUP website – set of 15 workbooks or you can buy them individually from Amazon – Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary Workbook 1

Admin – like I mentioned above I requested a review copy and I was kindly sent one. All opinions expressed are that of my tester (ie daughter) and myself. I do sometimes include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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