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Every so often I try to write a general post which includes links for the worksheets and pages that we have been using from Twinkl. This time I am only going to write about Maths.  I have written a few of these before so there might be some duplicate links in this one and the post might end up like a bit of a list (so sorry about that) but I know that sometimes we just want a list of possible pages to use.  So here are some of the Maths pages that we have used a LOT.  I will include if it is free or part of their paid for packages.

Addition and Subtraction Peg Cards

I always laminate our peg cards as we use them multiple times and we also like to use them with our white board marker pens.

Addition to 10 peg cards (classic) , subtraction from 10 peg card (classic), addition to 20 peg card (classic), subtraction from 20 peg card activity (classic)

Robot Number Bond Worksheets

There are a number of these pages.  We have used them as practice sheets.  Robot Mixed Number Bonds to 10 (Free) and Robot Mixed Number Bonds to 20 (free)

Build a house times table activity. 

We love this and have done it every time we learn a new times table.  There are so many options for these here is one – 2,5 and 10 times table build a house activity (classic).  They also have now create a Basic addition build a house activity (classic).  This is great for younger siblings who want to copy the work that the older ones are busy doing.

build a house maths activity from Twinkl for addition and multiplication

Times table folding cards

So simple but my daughter loves these.  She has used them over and over and in many different ways (I have written 2 posts already about these – Folding cards and multiplication booklets) but I could not leave them out of this list.


Circle Fraction Pieces (classic).  We stuck these onto paper plates earlier this year and cut out the fraction pieces and boy have they been used.  Great way for the kids to figure out equivalent fractions (take one 1/2 and see which other pieces fit on top of it)

Circle fractions from Twinkl resources stuck onto paper plates

Clock for learning minutes

This is the one that we love – Clock (classic).  This clock is great.  My kids love it.  Perfect for when they are learning 5 past and 10 past etc.  We actually used it in a very simple time folder here – telling time lapbook)

Analogue Clock learning aid from Twinkl

We have also printed out a different clock and stuck it up on a board in our kitchen.  The kids often refer back to this one when they want to double-check that they have the time correct – Analogue Clock Flower labels (classic)

I know I have already shared links for these last two many times but they are great and are both Free to download

100 Number Square (so many uses)

And the Number Multiple Poster (skip counting) – love this poster

Sorry if that is a bit of a list but hope it helps some of you who also use the Twinkl website

Twinkl resources Maths pages that we use on ofamily learning together

You might also find the follow Maths post interesting

Place Value Ice-cream cone activity with craft sticks  and Multiplication and Division flower learning aids

Twinkl maths pages used by ofamily learning together







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  1. another mom says:

    I love your clocks…especially the one with the five to and the 5 past ect. flower. A visual learning aid like this must make things easier for little ones. Such an important lesson.


  2. reemdn says:

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