Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar workbook for Year 9

We have been using the Get It Right Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar series for part of my daughter’s KS3 English. There are three different workbooks so we split them over the three years and we have been using Workbook 3 for my daughter’s Year 9 (we used Workbook 1 in Year 7 and workbook 2 in Year 8). As a home educator I really liked this series, I felt like it included some good revision and also some extension type questions. And my daughter (the kiddo using it) has commented that it is helpful and that they have used some interesting passages for the activities. This post is going to focus on Workbook 3.

So what is included? The workbook is broken down into four main sections – Grammar, Style, Punctuation and Spelling. Instead of listing out everything covered under each category I have just included a photo so you can see the breakdown for yourself.

The layout is one that we like, it is not overwhelming, there is not too much crammed onto a page. It is easy to read they have included enough writing space for the activities included.

Most of the pages are double pages with a brief explanation followed by three activities.

Most of these explanation-type double pages are more revision pages, which we are totally happy with because I think it is vital to revise this points. But after some of the explanation pages you also get their “in context” pages. Now full confession I LOVE these. LOVE them. They take the concept from the previous page and show how you might apply it when you are looking at a text. For me these pages are vital building blocks for Year 10 and Year 11. (I am determined that we are going to do well with the English Language IGCSE so I have been making sure that in her Year 9 we start working on some basics.)

As someone who is NOT an English teacher I felt like explaining/teaching Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar was fine. I had no problem with those concepts but when it came to writing style I was not as confident but I also knew that it was something that was important because the kids need to be able to anaylse a piece of writing and the writers style, comes into that. So I was relieved when they started covering Style in Workbook 2 and then developed it further in Workbook 3. It was just a starting point for us to develop further but I felt like it is a good base from which we can work and expand. I really do appreciate the fact that this Style category was included and I do think it included some valuable activities for us to work through.

I do also want to state that although the workbooks are stand alone workbooks but I do feel like there is progression and I am glad we worked through all three in order.

The Workbook itself costs £6.99 and the answer book is £12.50 (slightly cheaper on Amazon). I really like the fact that you can buy an answer book and it is not ridiculously priced. And I must admit I have found having model answers really useful for the “in context” questions.

I am glad we used this series with my daughter and I am going to use it with my son when he starts Year 7 in September.

You can buy the Workbook and the answer book directly from Amazon here are the links – workbook 3 and Answer Book 3 (I have not spotted them in my local book stores)

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