Starting Year 8 – English Literature Ideas

I am starting to slowly gather together the different resources that we are planning on using with our daughter for her Year 8 academic year. And as I did last year I am going to put together a post for each subject outlining which resources we are planning on using. The First one is English Literature (it’s just happens to be the first one because we already know what we want to use and have most of the resources).

I must start by saying my daughter is a bit of a bookworm and she does read a lot. She loves classical stories and Historical fiction. I am not including the books that she reads independently in this post. This post is about the books we are planning on reading / working through together. Books that we are going to discuss in detail and yes she will end up doing activities/ worksheets based on these books.

To start with we are trying something new a “playscript”. We thought it might be fun, to act out sections and just have a bit of fun with the text. We have spoken about Beowulf before when we studied the Anglo-Saxons in History so she knows the basic story and she thought studying it in a bit more detail would be interesting. We are using an Oxford Playscript for this which includes a version of Beowulf written as a play and then a section afterwards where they discuss the play and give some ideas on activities that the kids can do. It is our first time trying one of these playscripts but I have skimmed through already and I think it is going to be a really fun activity (and in our house fun=remembering).

Beowulf an Oxford Playscript perfect for kids in KS 3 years

Then something else which we recently discovered – the Rollercoaster series.

English Literature books for Year 8 UK

These books are aimed at the Key Stage 3 years and they include free to download teachers notes and activities. Let me expand on that. The newer books in this series (like Scavenger) actually have the teachers notes included in the book. And with the older stories the teacher’s notes and activities are FREE to download from the OUP website here – FREE to download Rollercoaster Resources. (Really worth going and having a look).

Like I said we only recently discovered this series and the fact that they come with these free resources. But I have started looking at two sets of resources and I must say I very happy we found them. They are geared for schools, so you do get the terminology linked with schools like “learning objectives” and “learning outcomes”  but I am quite used to using resources used for schools and I just ignore what does not apply to us and focus on the sections that we find useful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The packs that I have started looking at include summary notes on the actual stories, lesson plans and the actual worksheets which you can use in the lessons (very useful). I really wish I had discovered this last year.

Then finally my daughter is desperate to study Pride and Prejudice which is normally looked at a bit later on in KS4 years but we are going to have a bash this year. I have a copy of the story and this brilliant literature companion (which I am thrilled about) and just to add a bit extra we have also got the Lucy Worsley book – The Austen Girls (which is a bit of a historical fiction story about the Austen family but it looks like it is going to be very entertaining read and also great for explaining a lot about what it was like to live in that time period).

English literature jane Austen books

Oh and I have not forgotten about Shakespeare but we have not chosen a work yet so when we do I will update the post to include it.

For those of you interested this is our Starting Year 7 English Literature Post.

Amazon links for those who want them-

Soldier Dog

Sky Hawk

The Last Wolf

Oxford Literature Companions: Pride and Prejudice

The Austen Girls

Ideas for Year 8 Engilsh Literature

Admin – the books included are a mixture of Free press copies that I have received and books that I have bought. All items included are works that my daughter and I have chosen together.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.

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