Physics Matching Pairs Game

I love the idea of the Oaka Books Science matching pairs game. It is a simple and straight forward concept but one which I think helps to reinforce what the kids have learnt. We have already been using the Biology matching pairs set and the Chemistry matching pairs set so naturally we had to give the Physics set a go as well.

And it was actually a great activity. The past few months we have been focusing on Biology and Chemistry and I must admit we have not done Physics so it was a great reminder for my daughter and a great way for me to see how much she still remembers (I was actually really impressed because she is always telling me that Physics is her worst Science).

The set arrives in the same format as the typical topic packs – A4 pack. It comes with an answer booklet (you can also download it from the site) and the matching cards are in A4 sheets so you just need to pop them out.

The cards are split into 5 different groups (each group is a different colour) – they cover Forces, Energy, Electricity, the Solar System and Light. In each group there are 15 definition cards and 15 cards with images on them. The idea is that the kids need to match the definitions to the correct images. So in total you get 75 definition cards and 75 image cards (which is actually quite a lot for only £4.99).

You can mix all the cards together or you could just use the cards from 1 or 2 groups (which is what I tend to do with my youngest).

And the fact that Physics is my daughter’s “least favourite Science” is actually why I think the Physics matching pairs set is the one that is the most useful. Yes, she loves doing the Biology matching pairs set just because she enjoys Biology but with Physics she actually needs to build up a bit of confidence and doing activities like this, where she can “test” herself and then prove that she actually knows more Physics than she initially thought is perfect. It is a great confidence building tool for kids who may not naturally enjoy a particular Science.

I really do think it is a useful Science resource to have in your home.

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