KS3 Maths Murder Mysteries

My daughter always enjoyed the Twinkl Maths Mysteries that they have for KS2 so when we recently stumbled upon a Maths Mystery in the KS3 BODMAS section we immediately downloaded it and had a go. And it was a massive hit so I started searching the KS3 Maths section and found a few more – all of which we have already downloaded (I am convinced they are all going to be massive hits).

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So what is a Maths Mystery – the kids have to solve some maths problems to find the clues which then tell them about the murder ie who did what, when and why.

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Why is it so popular? Simply put it is just a fun way to do Maths.  And I have actually discovered that whenever the kids do a Maths Mystery they actually end up doing a LOT of maths and they end up practicing multiple maths activities in one go. So for me they are total WINS. Our only complaint is we always end up wanting more of them.

For KS3 Maths we have discovered that Twinkl have actually created a Murder Mystery page which contains the following Msyteries. – Three different Number Murder Mysteries (we moved onto these after the BODMAS mystery), two different Algebra Murder Mysteries, two Geometry ones, a Statistics Murder Mystery and a Probability one. Oh and there is also an Easter Murder Mystery (we are really hoping a Christmas Murder Mystery might magically appear).

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We have also noticed that there are a few others tucked away on the site (Roger’s Fedora, Parametric Murder Mystery and Royal Wedding Mystery) Unfortunately we have tried searching with different search phrases and it is a bit hit and miss. (But I have a feeling there may be more that we have not found yet).

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Just because my daughter is are now doing Secondary Maths does not mean it has to be all boring worksheets. She still enjoys maths worksheets that have a bit of fun attached.

If you have kids in KS3 and you have a Twinkl membership we really recommend you have a look at the Murder Mysteries, they really are a fun way of practicing a lot of maths in one go.

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