Pride and Prejudice pages from Twinkl

One of the books that my daughter choose to read this year was Pride and Prejudice, she is already a huge Jane Austen fan and desperately wanted to look at one of her books in more detail. Pride and Prejudice is normally covered as part of KS4 English Literature so the activities are geared for that but with just a couple of very small adjustments we have managed to use the Twinkl pages for our own Pride and Prejudice learning.

Pride and Prejudice pages from Twinkl Beyond

The Pride and Prejudice unit on Twinkl is divided into 7 main lessons but they also have a number of extras.

The 7 lessons are split into

  • The Plot volume 1
  • The Plot volume 2
  • The Plot volume 3
  • Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy, Mr Wickham
  • Jane Bennet, Mr Bingley, Mr Collins
  • Minor Characters
  • Letters

The extra activities are divided as follows

  • Exam style questions (my daughter is not going to do these questions but I did look at them and it would be very useful if the kids are in KS4)
  • Character revision worksheets
  • Character cards
  • Georgian society
  • The Bennet family
  • Quotes
  • Comprehensions Questions (with answers)

We have not completed all of the lessons or extra activities yet but I have looked at everything included and I am impressed.

In the first 3 lessons on the plot the story is broken down into smaller subsections. For each of these subsections you get a summary and a Cloze activity (both of which my daughter has been using) and then they also include extra pages like What is Elizabeth thinking or comparing Mr Darcy to Mr Wickham.  Even though my daughter is a bit younger than the intended age she has has not struggled with these and she has commented that working though the pages helped her sort out some of her thoughts about the story. 

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They also include a PowerPoint summary in each of the Plot lessons.  My daughter really enjoys these PowerPoints. she says they are excellent at wrapping up all of the events and she likes the activities they have included.

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The next three lessons are all about the characters, comparing and contrasting them and looking at their actions and character in a bit more detail.

Then the lesson on letters.  We loved that this was included and my daughter likes that she could printed out the individual letters to keep in her own notes.

Pride and Prejudice pages from Twinkl Beyond

The extra activities. Although these are not “formally” included as lessons we really like these extra activities.  The Quote cards were a huge hit and I must confess I liked the fact that they created all the comprehension questions to go with the book (just to mention the comprehensions are more challenging then the Cloze activities.  My daughter breezed through the Clozes but with a few of the Comprehension questions she had to stop and think a bit – which I really liked).

My daughter also really appreciated the extra pages on Georgian society (she always loves learning about the Historical context of books that she is reading).

Pride and Prejudice pages from Twinkl Beyond

I know these lessons and activities have been created for kids who are in KS4 studying Pride and Prejudice for their exams but we have still found this entire section really useful at summarizing the book but also at getting my daughter to think a bit deeper about the characters. 

I must confess the English Literature sections for both KS3 and Ks4 on Twinkl Beyond are fast becoming some of my favourite Twinkl sections.

Admin Bit – the Twinkl pages that we used are part of a paid for package.

The Pride and Prejudice book that we are reading is this one – Pride and Prejudice

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