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Compound Word Folder

We have been working a lot on spelling lately and as part of that we have been talking about compound words and how often when we spell larger words it is simply two smaller words put together. We used the … Continue reading

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Animals and their Young folder

The kids are loving their folders so I thought we would make a new one.  This one is aimed at my youngest with the thought that his big sister would enjoy reading  the names to him (she loves reading to … Continue reading

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Simple Verb and Noun Sticking activity

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have been working on a number of different things all at the same time (totally driven by the rascals constant questions).  One of these “themes” if I can call it that has … Continue reading

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Telling the time lapbook / folder for young kids

Both the kids are really enjoying the mini-lapbooks / folders that we have been using so with my son’s new desire to learn how to tell the time I thought I would make him a simple folder to use.  We … Continue reading

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Young kids number lapbook using FREE pages

This past week I discovered that my youngest was trying to do his big sister’s Maths.  I found him sitting at the kitchen table with a page of her maths guessing what the answer to the sums was and then … Continue reading

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Afrikaans Lapbook

My little boy’s Afrikaans has really come along in leaps and bounds lately (he is not as fluent as big sister) so I wanted to keep the momentum going and thought the kids and I would try to make our … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Lapbook, Dinosaur Folder

Last week we made a very basic Dinosaur Lapbook for Blue.  Blue will be 4 years old in 2 weeks time but he is determined that he must be given school work with his sister so I was hoping that … Continue reading

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