Young kids number lapbook using FREE pages

This past week I discovered that my youngest was trying to do his big sister’s Maths.  I found him sitting at the kitchen table with a page of her maths guessing what the answer to the sums was and then writing the answer out.

Doing big sisters maths

When I spoke to him about it he said ” mommy you never give me maths to do and I want to do my own Maths”.  So I decided that I would make him his own Maths lapbook with some more age appropriate items in it and see how he gets along (he loves it and naturally now his big sister has asked for her own version).

Oh and all of the items that I have used are all FREE pages from Twinkl.

Maths labook using free twinkl pages found on ofamilyblog

Maths lapbook found on ofamilyblog using all FREE pages from Twinkl

Starting on the left hand side

I included the odd and even number visual aid mainly because he has been asking me lots of questions lately about which numbers are odd and even and this is actually the way that my daughter learnt her odd and even numbers (we walked up our street a few times noting which numbers where on either side).

Odd and even visual aid included in Maths lapbook on ofamilyblog

Next to the odd and even visual aid is the Money strip.  We actually have a few of these printed out and have found them very useful when the kids are doing roleplaying games that involve money.

Underneath the Odd and even number visual aid is a pouch (made from a recycled envelope) containing the numbered seahorses.  These sea horses go with the laminated mat on the back of the lapbook.

Numbered seahorses ordering activity FREE from Twinkl

The center of the lapbook contains the 100 square at the bottom and then Numbered children at the top.  I printed the children four to one page to get the correct size, and then I cut them all out and stuck their hands together.  Both my kids love this.

Numbered children included in the Maths lapbook as found on ofmailyblog

In the pouch next to the children are the Greater than and less than crocodiles.  Again this is something that my son has been speaking a lot about lately.  We have used these crocodiles with two different items in the lapbook.  First he used them with the numbered seahorses and he also later used them with the cauldrons.

Greater than and less than crocodiles FREE from Twinkl

Greater than and less than crocodile with the cauldron included on maths lapbook found on ofamilyblogOn the other side sleeve of the lapbook I included some number formation cards for my son.  I also printed these four to a page so that I could get the size that I wanted.  These are laminated so my son keep reusing them.  He really likes these as he likes trying to write his numbers inside the lines.

Underneath the number formation cards are the numbered cauldrons again I printed four to one page so that I could get the size that I wanted.  With these cauldrons my son has been playing a game of making sure that each cauldron gets the correct number of ingredients added.  For ingredients we have used some beads and some beans but you could use almost anything for this.

Adding correct number of ingredients to the cauldron. Included in Maths lapbook on ofamilyblogAfter I have finished making him the labook he asked if I could add a clock.  I added the basic blank analogue clock for him.

His Maths lapbook is still very new but so far it has been a big hit with my son.

Maths Lapbook using free pages includes greater than and less than, odd and even numbers, British coins, number tracing, 100 square


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  1. happyhema says:

    May I ask what kind of printer you use for these? They look so professional, much better than any colour printer I’ve used.


  2. some AWESOME learning going on here!!

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