Compound Word Folder

We have been working a lot on spelling lately and as part of that we have been talking about compound words and how often when we spell larger words it is simply two smaller words put together.

We used the Twinkl Compound Word matching cards (free to download) a while ago – as a matching cards activity but I thought the word cards would also be great to use in a folder.

I started by folding some A4 card so that it had two flaps like the picture below.  [To start with you fold the card in half and then unfold it again.  Now you fold both outer edges so that the meet in the middle – at that first folded line.]

Folded card to make the compound word folderThen we cut out the compound word cards.  But the sections where it shows the two words being added together we cut those sections in half (well sort of in half just in front of where the plus sign is).

compound word cardsStick the two words on the outside flaps and the compound word on the inside.  When I glued the word with the plus sign on I did not glue behind the plus sign as it overlapped the edge of the card.  Below is what it looks like when the flaps are all closed.

Compound word folder

And when you open the flaps you use the full word (what it is when you combine to the two smaller words together).

Compound word folder made using Free Twinkl pages found on ofamilyblogReally simple and easy to make – just some folding, cutting and glueing and it is all done.

Compound word folders using Twinkl word cards made by ofamilyblog

Update – I have received a number of emails asking about the card that we used – it was just straight forward coloured card (A4) that we had in the art and craft cupboard.  Nothing fancy I promise.  Probably bought on a sale a while ago (I normally try to buy our card in bulk whenever there is a sale we use a fair bit).



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2 Responses to Compound Word Folder

  1. another mom says:

    This looks very professional….and effective…..a good speller has an easier life at work and at home when they can write quickly and easily.


  2. Julie Davis says:

    Great resource!


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