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Measuring Animals

Last weekend my son started using his tape measure (we gave him a tape measure together with a few other items in an “explorer” backpack as a Christmas present) to show me the lengths of different snakes. It was a … Continue reading

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Tracing is so much more than just tracing

My son loves tracing pictures.  He will often stick a colouring page up on one of the sliding doors, stick a piece of paper over and trace the picture.  Now I know tracing is NOT the same as drawing, it … Continue reading

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Horace and Harriet – Friends, Romans, Statues

I definitely feel like we have hit the right combination of reading material with my daughter – she loves reading non-fiction as well as historical based stories, stories with a slight adventure and stories with strong women characters.  But my … Continue reading

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Free Measurement Dominoes

We have been talking quite a bit about metric units for measuring length and how you convert from mm to m, cm to m or mm to cm. We did lots of hands on examples where the kids walked around … Continue reading

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Vikings in Britain

I have mentioned a couple of time over the past few months that both my kids are loving Viking fiction stories and although the authors do manage to intertwine lots of Viking elements into the stories there is obviously still … Continue reading

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Free book activities from the Oxford University Press website

I have mentioned a few times that we have two little bookworms in our house – they love their books and I love encouraging their reading and finding fun activities based on books that they have enjoyed.  We were recently … Continue reading

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Springwatch reading comprehension

While I was recently searching the Twinkl website for Reptile resources I came across a new series of reading comprehensions that they have created all about British Wildlife and based on the BBC Springwatch series.    All the resources are … Continue reading

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