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Wyrmstooth Crown by Twinkl

It’s no secret I have two little bookworms. They love books and I have often found story-based learning activities to be big hits with both the kids. So we thought we would try one of the more complex Twinkl eBooks … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up Circuits

We have never really done “official” electric circuit learning as such, instead we have two different circuit sets and the kids have both just played with them and I must admit that by just simply playing around with the sets … Continue reading

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Introducing Romeo and Juliet

I love watching how one area of interest always leads the kids onto other topics.  I honestly never know where we are going to end up.  My daughter’s interest in the Tudors meant she has been reading up on Queen … Continue reading

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Animal Skeletons

My kids LOVE learning about animals, and one of the more unusual aspects that they both find fascinating are the skeletons of the animals, particularly which sections are common and which sections are unique to different animals.  We have looked … Continue reading

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Current Posters and Boards

We have a few cork boards scattered around the house which we use to display different learning pages.  It is something we have done for years as it helps both my kids.  They are visual learners and we have found … Continue reading

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Maths Mystery pages from Twinkl

I have mentioned a number of times that we like to do quite a bit of Maths practice.  We realized fairly early that my daughter needed lots of maths practice so that she would be confident in maths (maths is … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Kings

My daughter likes creating family trees and timelines showing how the different Kings and Queens are related.  She has actually created one massive timeline of all the Kings and Queens of Britain but now that we have been looking at … Continue reading

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