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Learning about Castles

As part of our Middle Ages theme we have been spending some time learning about Castles.  The kids have enjoyed learning how castle designs developed from wooden structures to stone buildings and how so many features of the castle were … Continue reading

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Design a garden activity

With all the time the kids have been spending helping out in the garden I thought it would be a good idea to do a few garden designing activities. We had done the first activity before but I thought it … Continue reading

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Circular Food Chains

I recently downloaded a few activities on the food chain for the kids but my kids were not impressed with them.  They both did not like the fact that the food chains were represented in a linear manner and that … Continue reading

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Addition pages from Twinkl

I am often asked about our Maths learning, which resources we use and in what order we use them.  With addition one of the questions was – what did we do after number bonds ?  And which Twinkl Maths worksheets … Continue reading

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Minibeast Crafting

We seem to have been doing a lot of Maths lately and not much crafting so last weekend I did a search to try to find something to inspire us.  I ended up printing out some basic Mininbeast  shadow stick … Continue reading

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