Telling the time lapbook / folder for young kids

Both the kids are really enjoying the mini-lapbooks / folders that we have been using so with my son’s new desire to learn how to tell the time I thought I would make him a simple folder to use.  We are starting off really simply with the idea that as he progresses so we can add more goodies.

My starting point was this Free to download clock from Twinkl.  He has played with this exact clock before and he already knows that the long hand is the minute hand and the short hand points to the hours.  I think he already knows the o’clocks but I wanted to start with these and make sure before we moved onto half past.  The time cards that I have inserted into the little pouch are also Free to download from Twinkl (they are the last few pages of the clock matching game).

Basic time lapbook using Free Twinkl pages on ofamilyblogThe pouch at the bottom is our new system that we have been trying out lately and my kids really like it.  All we do is cut one of the flaps and stick it down so that one side is open.  And we have a simple, easy and very effective pouch for any cards that we want to keep inside the folder.

The idea is that he selects a card and then he has to change the hands on his clock so that it matches the time on his card.

Basic time lapbook being used on ofamilyblog

He enjoys these types of learning activities.

He also asked for a clock face where he could practice drawing the hands.  So on the cover of his folder I attached the exact same clock face, but this time I laminated it and I excluded the clock hands.  He can now use his white board marker pens to practice drawing in the correct positions of the hands to match his cards.

Basic time lapbook cover

In the photo above I just put a card over the place where he wrote his name (I try to keep those details out of the photos).

My daughter and I have also been working on her own telling the time folder.  Her one is the same format (the kids wanted theirs to be similar) but we have used a more detailed clock and time cards.

The clock we have used for her is the  Hours and Minutes Interactive Clock from Twinkl (platinum).  She has used this clock before and really likes it as she can lift up the flaps to check that she is getting her minutes correctly.  The cards are these telling the time matching flashcards.  The cards have the words “five to ” or “ten to” etc on them so I have laminated ours so that she or I can write the hours on them if she wants.

Clock lapbook on ofamilyblog

I also include some Time word cards (free to download  from Twinkl) in a pocket on the side flap.  We normally keep these face down, the idea is that  she can use them as a check if she is not sure.

The cover of her lapbook is the same as her brothers, we also added the same laminated clock face so she can also practice drawing on the hands if she wants to.

Basic clock lapbook or folder idea on ofamilyblog

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