Simple Verb and Noun Sticking activity

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have been working on a number of different things all at the same time (totally driven by the rascals constant questions).  One of these “themes” if I can call it that has been Verbs and Nouns.  My daughter has become very interested in classifying her words into groups.  We have done a few activities on this so here is our  “home-made” one.  Nothing but card, scissors, glue, some old magazines oh and some pencil crayons for the headings.

We used one of the folders that we have in the house (just cut the sides to open it up), but you could also use two pieces of A4 card and just tape them together and the headings – nouns and verbs were made by my daughter.  Earlier on in the week we spent a session just paging through old magazines (also those advertising goodies that you get in the post are great for this), cutting out words which we thought could be either Nouns or Verbs.

Simple Verb and Noun folder idea

Then my daughter stuck the words that we had cut out under either Verbs or Nouns.  We had a few discussions about some of the words eg LIFT – could that be – “I lift my bear up” or ” lets use the lift in the shop”.  Ans Sea was a great one – we chatted about how Sea and see is different.

Making our Verb and Noune folder

We only used the inside of our folder as we are planning on doing the same to the outside for Adverbs and Adjectives at a later date.

Simple, cheap but for my daughter a useful exercise in the differences of Verbs and Nouns.

Simple Verb and Noun folder idea on ofamilyblog

We have a similar activity that we did using some Twinkl pages which I will share tomorrow.

Update – As I am always been asked what folders we use when we make our learning aids I thought I would update the post  for UK based readers – Foolscap A4 Half Flap Rigid Card Document Wallets Assorted Colours – Pack of 5




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    I really like this!

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