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K’Nex just never gets old

We have recently been going through one of our K’Nex phases where the kids just seem to build creation after creation. And I realized it was just over 2 years ago that we started with our first K’Nex box – … Continue reading

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Tara Binns – STEM jobs for young girls

The Tara Binns books are a new series by Collins (part of their BIG CAT reading series) and when they asked if we would like to review them I immediately said yes.  These books have a female character learning about … Continue reading

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Brick Building 101 Review

My kids love Lego and I must admit I have often seen other people using Lego for STEAM activities and thought Wow what a cool idea we should do that and then I don’t.  Yip totally admitting to this – … Continue reading

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Colby the Amazing Mouse

My kids have never done any coding activities before so when Learning Resources asked if we would be interested in their introduction to coding set – Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set I immediately said yes.  I was not … Continue reading

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K’Nex everywhere

A few months ago we were sent two Educational K’Nex sets.  They are great sets but little did I realise that those two K’Nex sets were going to set off a chain reaction of K’Nex everywhere.  It appears like those … Continue reading

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Learning with K’NEX

We have just recently discovered the wonderful world of K’Nex sets and Wow my kids LOVE them !  I have been eyeing out K’Nex for some time but I kept putting off buying any sets as I thought my youngest … Continue reading

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Simple Machines Activity Set

When our Simple Machines Activity Set first arrived the kids unpacked the box and were already exploring the different items and figuring out how everything worked before I even had a chance to read the instructions.  They both seemed really … Continue reading

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