Brick Building 101 Review

My kids love Lego and I must admit I have often seen other people using Lego for STEAM activities and thought Wow what a cool idea we should do that and then I don’t.  Yip totally admitting to this – lets call it one of my Pinterest Love / Hate things.  So when I recently received a lovely bundle of books from Quarto Kids I was very chuffed to see the Brick Building 101 book included in our set.  The Book is all about using Lego in fun learning activities.

Brick Buiulding 101. 20 Lego project ideas for kids to try at home

There are 20 projects that are broken down into Easy Projects, Moderate Projects and Challenging Projects.  The Book is aimed at ages 5 to 7 ish which I think is quite accurate as the ideas did seem to appeal to my 7-year-old more than my ten-year-old (although she did really like the Balloon racer and the Catapult).

So the Easy projects are a good starting point – ideas like using your Lego to create letters (really wish I had done this with my son when he was learning his letters he would have loved it), shadow monsters (still going to do this one), created a Lego Geoboard that type of thing.

Brick Building 101. Lots of ideas for using Lego. Building a lego alphabet

Now the Moderate and Challenging projects were a bit more exciting and we actually think they could be regrouped as Exciting projects and Practical projects.

An example of an exciting one being building a catapult  – the whole family ended up testing out different objects with the catapult (my hubbie especially enjoyed doing this one with the kids).

Brick Building 101. 20 lego project ideas. Building a catapult

Brick Building 101. 20 Lego project ideas. Using the lego catapult

And the Balloon Racer – LOVE LOVE this one.  Such fun idea. (Other ideas include building a sailing boat, a Lego maze and well I had better stop listing all of the activities).

Brick Building 101. The Balloon Racer

And our third group would be practical projects like – the bird feeder and pot plant idea.  Which I must be honest got me thinking what other useful things could we make with our Lego – maybe a pencil holder for the kids desk or even a little box for all my daughter’s hair accessories.

All of the projects have step by step instructions and lots of colourful images.

Brick Building 101. Build a sailing boat idea

I think this is a fun book perfect for home educating moms with kids in the  5 to 7 /8 age bracket.

You can also get Brick Building 101 from Amazon here – Brick Building 101: 20 LEGO® activities to teach kids about STEAM

Brick Building 101. 20 Lego projects to try at home with the kids. STEAM activities using Lego

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

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  1. Norah Colvin says:

    Lots of learning potential in those activities.


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