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Maths Basket -Jan/ Feb 2018

I want to try to keep our Maths basket going this year as it has become such a great way of encouraging maths practice.  It sits in the main lounge area so is always in line of sight which means … Continue reading

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Linking Decimals to Fractions

Maths for my daughter needs to include using her hands and being involved.  Giving her worksheet after worksheet without using manipulatives does not work for her.  While we have been working on decimals we have once again been using our … Continue reading

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5 favourite new home-ed items from 2017

I am very lucky that my blog has now gotten to that stage where we sometimes get to test out educational activities and books.  It is without a doubt a big bonus when you are home-educating as let’s be honest … Continue reading

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Maths Basket

One of the new maths successes we have had lately is our Maths basket.  We started it as a way of encouraging the kids to practice more Maths in a relaxed manner and it seems to be working.  The basket … Continue reading

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Colby the Amazing Mouse

My kids have never done any coding activities before so when Learning Resources asked if we would be interested in their introduction to coding set – Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set I immediately said yes.  I was not … Continue reading

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

We are back onto fractions again, working on decimals but I realized I never wrote a post about how we looked at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator or how we looked at Improper Fractions (post later this … Continue reading

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Encouraging writing with Story Starter Cubes

One of our areas of focus at the moment is story writing.  My oldest is not a fan of writing stories, she says she never knows what to write.  And when she does write she tends to write facts, not … Continue reading

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