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Sister Queens

My daughter is enjoying her current History Theme – The Kings and Queens of Britain.  She is creating a rather LARGE poster showing the lineage / timeline / key facts etc but she has also been going off on tangents … Continue reading

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Using Readers for History

I have mentioned a couple of times lately that my daughter is very interested in learning more History.  And the wonderful thing is she is not picky about which time period, she just wants to learn about anything and everything … Continue reading

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Victorian Railways

My daughter recently borrowed a number of Victorian books from the library and she is loving them.  But as much as she is finding History interesting, her younger brother is just not that interested.  He is definitely more interested in … Continue reading

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Vikings in Britain

I have mentioned a couple of time over the past few months that both my kids are loving Viking fiction stories and although the authors do manage to intertwine lots of Viking elements into the stories there is obviously still … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Ideas

I believe that the kids are learning the whole time.  They are not only learning when I am giving them a maths equation to solve, they are also learning when they are out in the garden, building planes and cities … Continue reading

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Classic stories and Little Women

This past week has been a really chilled week, the kids have been tired and overwhelmed and I have just wanted to curl up on the couch and not move.  So most of our learning plans went out the window … Continue reading

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Black Beauty Book

Both my kids are really into the more classic children’s stories  – Heidi, Gulliver’s Travels, Secret Garden and Black Beauty.  They have been listening to audio versions of the stories while we drive to our different activities and then they … Continue reading

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