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Forces Topic pack

My youngest (eight-years old) has been revisiting Forces, well, I am not sure how much he actually remembers, so revisiting might not be the most accurate word.  But he has been rereading our Feel the force book and working through … Continue reading

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Spelling Workbook

My son definitely needs a bit more guidance with spelling compared to his older sister.  She just seems to get the sounds and spelling rules and exceptions quickly whereas I am noticing more and more with him that he needs … Continue reading

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Free Times Table Booklets

I was recently searching for some times table resources for my son and I found these times table booklets on the Teachit Primary website which are free to download.  I have downloaded 3 different ones and they are all in … Continue reading

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Creating a Tudor Family Tree

My daughter’s British Kings and Queens History theme is still going  strong and I must admit I am finding it fascinating.  I went to school in South Africa so even though I did History as a subject for our equivalent … Continue reading

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Night Zookeeper. The Penguins of Igloo City

Last year my son read the first two Night Zookeeper books (The Giraffes of the Whispering Woods and The Lioness of Fire Desert) and loved them. He enjoyed the whole idea of the Night Zookeeper – a young boy who … Continue reading

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Feel the Force Book

I mentioned last year that I am actively looking for good Science books to add to our bookcase but over the weekend when we were reorganising the kids area and I was packing and repacking the books my son spotted … Continue reading

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My 5 Top 2018 Finds

Last Year I wrote a 5 Favourite New home-ed Items (2017) post and lots of readers really liked seeing which were my absolute favourites so I thought I would write another one for 2018.  This post is NOT sponsored – … Continue reading

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