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How to Draw Book Review

We have been working on our drawing skills lately and one of the resources that I have really enjoyed using with the kids is this book by DK  –  How to Draw The book starts with a general introduction into … Continue reading

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Relaxing with Audio Books

We often go through phases with certain activities – we will have a period where we do a lot of art or spend ages gardening  and then it will switch and whatever it was that was occupying so much of … Continue reading

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Frog Diary / Frog Life Cycle

I mentioned how much my son is enjoying the Animal Diaries and we now have a third one – Frog (Animal Diaries).  And it is just as good as the other two. It is written in the same format – … Continue reading

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Animal Diaries

On a recent library trip we spotted an interesting looking book Shark (Animal Diaries) and with my son’s current fascination of sharks we immediately borrowed it.  It is such a brilliant book that I have since gone back and borrowed … Continue reading

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Bringing The Lady of the Mercians and King Athelstan to life

We have read a few Anglo-Saxon historical fiction books lately, every one has highlighted different aspects of that time and they seem to keep adding more and more to our knowledge and understanding of that time period. Our latest have … Continue reading

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Freedom for Bron. An Anglo-Saxon story

With our Anglo-Saxon theme I feel like we have stuck to the migration of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, the fighting and the different Kings  but for whatever the reason the kids have not been that interested in the lifestyle … Continue reading

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Reading on the Underground

Yesterday we went into London for a special exhibit which for us means about an hour commute – one train and then the underground (tube).  The whole way there my daughter read her book – well with a few breaks … Continue reading

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