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Black Beauty Book

Both my kids are really into the more classic children’s stories  – Heidi, Gulliver’s Travels, Secret Garden and Black Beauty.  They have been listening to audio versions of the stories while we drive to our different activities and then they … Continue reading

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Brick Building 101 Review

My kids love Lego and I must admit I have often seen other people using Lego for STEAM activities and thought Wow what a cool idea we should do that and then I don’t.  Yip totally admitting to this – … Continue reading

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Does It Fart?

So there is a title I never thought I would write.  Ever.  But my husband bought this book for my kids and it is Honestly one of the BEST ones we have ever bought them.  This book totally engages the … Continue reading

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The Night Zookeeper

We are very much in a creative, literacy mode at the moment.  Both the kids have been immersing themselves in stories and then creative games or activities based on the stories.  I have loved watching this unfold.  One of the … Continue reading

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Myth Match Book

My kids have been in a very creative mode lately, they have been inventing all types of new dragons and other creatures so last week when the Myth Match book arrived it was a perfect fit for the current interest.  … Continue reading

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Inky’s Great Escape

This has to be one of my new favourite story books that I have discovered – Inky’s Great Escape is all about an octopus escaping from an aquarium and is based on the true story of an octopus in New … Continue reading

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Bee Boy – Fun Reading

We were recently given a copy of a newish story – Bee Boy Clash of the Killer Queens.  As soon as I saw this book I knew my youngest was going to love it and he DID.  The very first … Continue reading

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