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Maths Loop Cards

One of the Maths activities that we have been doing a LOT of lately has been Loop Cards / Dominoes.  The kids love them.  If I ask them to choose a Maths activity they often choose one of the Loop … Continue reading

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Acorn Number Bond Tree

We have been working quite a lot on number bonds with my youngest and we recently chatted about how if 2 + 8 =10 then 20 +80 = 100.  So I thought it might be fun to do something where … Continue reading

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Addition pages from Twinkl

I am often asked about our Maths learning, which resources we use and in what order we use them.  With addition one of the questions was – what did we do after number bonds ?  And which Twinkl Maths worksheets … Continue reading

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Split Ring Number Bond Booklets

My youngest keeps asking me for more and more Maths and lately he has been commenting how two or more different sums sometimes equal the same number.  So I thought I would make him some Number Bond booklets.  Really simple, … Continue reading

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Number Bonds to 10 – using Free pages and snap cubes

My youngest always sits opposite his big sister while she does her Maths and demands that he gets given his own maths to do.  He keeps asking for more addition and subtraction sums.  So I thought it was time to … Continue reading

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Maths learning aid for number bonds

This last week we have been playing around with making some Maths learning aids.  We wanted to do one which showed the link between number bonds to 10 and then 100 and 1000.  And we wanted to do something which … Continue reading

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That cheeky easter bunny

My daughter is getting very excited about Easter and the thought of getting some easter eggs (my daughter LOVES her chocolate).  So we had some fun doing Maths with our cheeky easter bunnies.  I told her the cheeky easter bunnies … Continue reading

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