Mrs Mactivity Spring Fun

I love themed activities.  It just seems to add some fun to out learning activities, especially Maths activities that the kids need to practice.  Last week I spotted that the new Mrs Mactivity site had some Easter Egg Number Bonds, but they were for number bonds to 10, they looked so cute but we have covered those.  And then when I was on their site looking for some spring themed colouring items (see at the end of the post) I spotted that they had also created some Eggs for Number Bonds to 20, so I quickly downloaded those, printed them on card and we started cutting the eggs out.

Although the Number Bond activity was for my youngest the kids thought the eggs looked better coloured in so both of them got to work (there are quite a few eggs to colour in so it helped that big sister joined in – plus she had just gotten some new sharpies and whenever new stationary arrives it needs to be used immediately).

Mrs Mactivioty Match the egg halves to get 20. Free to download

The idea is that the kids needs match the two halves of the eggs together to make up 20.

Free to download Egg Number Bond activity to 20 from the Mrs Mactivity website

Straight forward activity but a fun way to practice some number bonds (until I started our home ed journey I never realized how knowing number bonds was such a good basic stepping stone for kids maths – so now we practice and practice them but we try to keep it fun and vary the activities).

Number Bond to 20 maths activity. Spring or Easter themed. match the two halves of the egg to get 20

It was actually a great activity because he kept pointing out how sums like 13+7 where similar to 17+3 that you just “flipped the numbers around” – his words.  After he had matched all the eggs he went around and pointed out all the different number patterns that he could find.  And because we have been practicing spelling some number words I suggested he write out labels and see how many eggs he could label (with the correct words).

matching the correct number word to the egg half underneath the card (the two halves added together must come to 20)

Adding number words to the number bond matching egg activity from the Mrs Mactivity site

I am really happy with how this Number Bond egg matching activity turned out – the kids did excellent colouring, my son practiced his number bonds, noticed some patterns in the sums and practiced spelling his number words.

And if you are looking for a fun Spring themed colouring activity  Flower wreaths are very popular with my daughter.  They have three different designs on the website.

Mrs Mactivity Spring Flower Wreath with daffodils. Great spring, easter activity for kids

My daughter even managed to get her brother to do one – although he did comment that he does not understand why no-one makes colouring wreaths with animals on them (he thinks everything should come with some sort of animal included).

Mrs Mactivity Spring Themed colouring in flower wreath

The Mrs Mactivity website is a fairly new website that has educational and craft pages and activities to download.

Free to download flower colouring wreaths from the Mrs Mactivity websiteFree to download number bonds to 20 on eggs. From the Mrs Mactivity siteFree to download Number Bonds to 20 matching egg cards. Key Stage 1 Maths activity

All links to resources mentioned were correct at the time of me writing this post

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