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I am often asked about our Maths learning, which resources we use and in what order we use them.  With addition one of the questions was – what did we do after number bonds ?  And which Twinkl Maths worksheets have we used for maths practice ?  So I thought I would try to set out a rough idea of how we worked on addition and which Twinkl worksheets we used at the different stages (I am not going to list every Twinkl Maths worksheet that we have used as there are too many to do that but I am hoping if I share a few links it will point you in a direction).

When you are just starting basic addition Twinkl have a lot of Themed addition activity sheets eg Minibeast Themed addition activity sheet (In their search bar type in – “themed addition activity sheets” – you will get a wide selection.  They also have a number of these under the different story book topics)

Number Bonds.  Breaking a number down into it parts and understanding that there is more than one way of making that number up.  When we introduced Number Bonds we always did it with a manipulative so the kids could physically see the sum and we often combined a fun printout with our snap cubes like this – Number Bonds to 10 .

This cute Ladybird Number bond activity is free to download (you could also get the kids to make the spots on the ladybirds with play dough).

Free to download Ladybird Number bons activity from Twinkl

Practicing Number Bonds.  Lots and Lots of practice.  But I tried to find fun ways for the kids to do this – matching heart addition activity, butterfly and flower maths

We also used number lines quite a bit and got the kids comfortable with the idea of what adding would look like on a numbers line – hops.  There are lots of worksheets which show addition on a number line –addition to 10 using a numberline, addition up to 12 using a numberline.

Numberline Addition page from Twinkl Resources website

Another great way of doing some of the repetitive maths practice is with the Cut and past worksheets.  Addition 7, 8,9 cut and stick activity (free)

7, 8, 9 addition cut and stick activity free to download from Twinkl

Adding more than two numbers together.  There are a series of worksheets which you can use for this  (In the Twinkl search bar type in the words – adding three one digit numbers – eg Adding three one digit number using number facts, adding three one digit number numbers using doubles, (free) adding three one digit number adding the smallest numbers first. (free)

Column addition.  First lots of practice with basic adding in the column without any carrying.  You can start with adding 3 and 2 digit numbers no carrying (free) and then go onto adding 3 digit numbers no carrying

Column addition.  Introducing the idea of a carrying a number and then practicing it over and over. Adding three digit numbers with carrying (free)

While working on column addition we also did some missing number addition pages

Twinkl also create Year Addition and Subtraction workbooks which have a number of examples in them.  eg Year 3 addition and subtraction workbook or Year 4 addition and subtraction workbook

They have a wide selection of Maths worksheets and they are constantly adding more.  These are just a few of the ones that we have used.

Addition pages from the Twinkl Resources website. Great for home educating families. Some pages are free to download




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