Acorn Number Bond Tree

We have been working quite a lot on number bonds with my youngest and we recently chatted about how if 2 + 8 =10 then 20 +80 = 100.  So I thought it might be fun to do something where he had to figure out the sums to 100 for himself.  He is quite into drawing trees at the moment so I thought that would be a good starting point.  I gave him a big piece of paper and he drew a tree.

Drawing his acorn tree for his number bonds to go onto

Then I showed him the acorns and explained that he needed to combine the top and the bottom to create 100.

The set of acorns that I download also included multiple of 5’s that make 100.  So his older sister and I showed him how he could add the 5’s together to get a 10 and then just add that 10 to the other tens (it helps to use a base 10 set for this as it gives a great visual for the kids).

Number Bonds to 100 with multiplies of 5. Explaning using base 10 set

And then he set off.

Creating an acorn tree at home. Each acorn needs to add up to 100. Acorns from the Twinkl Resources website

He did manage to drag his sister in to help him with all the sticking and also so he could check if he was doing some of the adding correctly.

It was really a simple activity to set out (I just cut the acorns out the night before) and he was really proud of himself because he did the whole page –  he drew the tree and he managed to figure out the sums (with some big sister help).

Acorn Number Bond Tree created by the kids. The acorns are printed out from Twinkl Resources

We have actually hung the massive acorn tree above his desk – at his request.

Number Bond Acorn Tree hanging on the notice board above his desk at home

We also dug out our Number Bond to 100 Dominoe cards and he had a go at matching the correct numbers.  We both really like the Dominoe cards. I have noticed with both the kids if I give them something like Dominoe cards to practice a maths concept as opposed to a worksheet they really do end up practicing more.  They will end up working out more sums and they will do it over and over again which is what you really need them to do with number bonds.

Number Bonds to 100 on Dominoes. From Twinkl Resources

The Acorn printouts are from Twinkl Resources and are part of their paid for Platinum Classic package – Little Acorn Number Bonds to 100.  They also have them for Number Bonds to 10 and Number Bonds to 20.  

Acorn Number Bonds downloaded from the Twinkl Resources website. They have them for 10, 20 and 100

The Number Bond Dominoes are these ones – Number Bonds to 100 Dominoes

Please note Twinkl packages mentioned are valid at the time of me writing this (if you have queries about the different packages please email Twinkl directly)

Acorn Number Bond Tree made at home by the kids using Twinkl printouts.  Fun Maths activity and perfect for Autumn




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  1. another mom says:

    a really lovely way to learn…which my teachers had been so creative

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  2. SLOAH says:

    I love the acorns! Such a cute craftivity. 🙂 x

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