Maths Loop Cards

One of the Maths activities that we have been doing a LOT of lately has been Loop Cards / Dominoes.  The kids love them.  If I ask them to choose a Maths activity they often choose one of the Loop Cards.  And if I am totally honest from a home-educating mom point of view when the kids do the Loop Cards they end up practicing more sums than they would if I gave them a worksheet.

So I thought I would share our favourite Loop cards / dominoes with you.  All of the ones that we have been using are from Twinkl (they are all part of Twinkl’s Classic package except for the Ronald the Rhino ones which are FREE).

Place Value Loop Cards – I have been using these a lot with my youngest lately, he loves trying to see if he can create a maze with the Loop Cards or a crazy pattern.  And they are such a brilliant way of checking to make sure they understand the difference in tens and ones.

Place Value Loop Cards from Twinkl Resources

My son has also been using their doubling and halving Loop Cards.  We started with the Ronald the Rhino Doubling and Halving Dominoes (currently FREE to download).  These are great for when the kids are just beginning to double or half as they have pictures on them which help the kids to work out the answer.

Ronald The Rhino Doubling and Halving Dominoe cards from Twinkl Resources

And then after a bit of practice we moved onto the Doubling and Halving Loop Cards, but these ones do have large numbers on them so he needs some help from his older sister with these ones.

They also have been using the Number Bond to 100 Dominoes.  Which both the kids have been doing together.

Twinkl's Number Bonds to 100 dominoes

And one of my new favourite ways to work on money addition is the British Value Coin cards loop cards.

Twinkl's British Coin Value Loop Cards. Great maths resource for key stage 1

For the older ones there is also a 2-step money problem loop card set .

2 step money problem cards from Twinkl.

For the older kids we also really like the algebra dominoes (great for a quick game with one of the parents).  I love the fact that the kids get to practice solving for x in simple maths sums.  This is brilliant as it takes the “scariness” out of using x in sums.

Algebra Dominoes from Twinkl Resources. Fun way to practice Maths

And the Improper Fraction Loop Cards.

Twinkl's Improper Fraction Loop Cards from Twinkl Resources

If you have not tried some Maths Loop cards with the kids I really do recommend printing out a pack and giving them a go.  It really is a great way of practicing some sums without using worksheets.  We now always have at least 2 sets in our Maths basket (I will be writing a post soon on our very popular Maths Basket that we have started).

Number Bonds to 100 dominoes from Twinkl Resources

Maths themed loop cards from Twinkl resources.  Great maths practice activity.  pefect for practicing maths at home







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  1. Camie says:

    You find the neatest math manipulatives!


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