Split Ring Number Bond Booklets

My youngest keeps asking me for more and more Maths and lately he has been commenting how two or more different sums sometimes equal the same number.  So I thought I would make him some Number Bond booklets.  Really simple, just me writing out the sums and joining together with some split rings.  But he loved the idea.

All you need is some card (I actually used some Index cards that I had), pens, a hole punch and your split rings.  Cheap, easy and actually quite quick to put together.

making your own number bond booklet using index cards a hole punch pens and some split rings

I started off by writing the number on the top index card and then I wrote all the sums that made up that number on the next few index cards.  Once I had written all the sums out I used the punch to make a hole in the top corner and then linked all the index cards together with a split ring.  Really quick and then onto the next number.

number bond booklet a new sum on each card

My personal preference was to write each set of sums for a number in the same colour (so all the sums which equal five were written in dark blue and all the sums which equalled six were written in purple).  Completely my own personal preference.

I also included tally marks on the top number card.  I did this mainly because my son is very interested in tally marks at the moment so I thought he would like them added – again this was just our personal preference.

I thought about adding dots to represent the numbers under each sum but I decided to leave them out and if he wants to add them to each sum he can always ask me to do it or do it himself (later note – after he used them I checked and he was happy without the dots under the numbers).

Home-made number bond to 10 booklet

Number bond booklet with a sum on each page

The split rings that I used are some metal crafting ones that I bought online here – Split Metal Rings (Pack of 100).

The index cards I used were lined on one side and plain on the other but you could also just cut some card into the size that you want (my daughter loves using the index cards to write little notes on).

Home-made Split Ring Number Bond Booklets

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Home-made number bond booklets.  Very quick and easy to make





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