CK or K spelling rule

My youngest has been trying to remember the ck or k spelling rule but it has just  not been sticking.  (The Rule – if the word has a long vowel sound or an extra consonant then you only use a k.  If it has a short vowel sound then you need to use ck).

So we decided to make a home-made folder together.

k and ck spelling folder. Home-made and easy to create at home

We started with two pieces of different A4 coloured cards and folded then in half. I wanted the flaps to meet in the middle and then open outwards.  On the one we wrote a big k and then the rule underneath and on the second we wrote a big CK and then the rule underneath.

k and ck spelling folder. With flaps that fold outwards

I stuck both onto a third piece of A4 paper (just to give it some extra support).

Then we cut up some coloured paper and my son (with some help from his older sister) wrote out a selection of words that apply to the rule. Some of the words he was not too sure how to spell, so we spoke about the word – did it have a long vowel sound or a short vowel sound and did it sound like it might have an extra consonant in the word.

K verses ck spelling rule. Creating a home-made folder

Based on prior experience of creating folders I have found it better for the kids to write their words on small pieces of paper then you then stick them into the folder instead of writing the words directly into the folder.  Purely because it means the kids don’t get upset if they make mistakes and if they want, they can rewrite any words however many times.

Writing words on small pieces of paper to stick inside the spelling folder

Once we had a selection of words we stuck the words under the correct flaps.  One of the reason why I used two different colours is it helps to enforce the rule. The kids remember that yellow applies to k and the orange to ck (with  visual learners the colours often help them later recall the rule).

k verses ck spelling rule. As you open the flap you see examples the words

And it was done.  You open the flap with ck writen on it and you see a selection of words that use ck spelling.  You open the k flap and you see a selection of words that use the k spelling.

k verses ck spelling rule. Open the flap and see examples of the rule

Really easy to make at home and hopefully being involved in making something like this and then having it on his desk will help him remember the rule.

ck verses k spellng rule home-made folder idea. Learning at home

When to use K or CK for spelling. Easy to make home-made folder idea


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3 Responses to CK or K spelling rule

  1. another mom says:

    Very well explained…I am sure it will stick….you have gone to a lot trouble.


  2. karen thistle says:

    Wow! This is wonderful. I currently teach 2nd grade at a Title I school, coming from 5th in a non-Title I school, I’ve been struggling with 25-30 students out of 43 (two classes), that have mastery of Kinder garden skills. After reading your post, I am inspired by you and your daughters ingenuity! Thank you for being so kind and sharing! Have a Blessed day! Karen

    Liked by 1 person

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