Equivalent Fraction Learning Activity

We love playing around with fractions and my daughter enjoys making folding aids so I thought we would try to combine the two.  As we have already used the Twinkl Circle Fractions in our paper plate fractions (which the kids have used A LOT) I thought we would try the rectangle fraction pieces this time.

The Rectangle Fractions set is part of the paid for Twinkl Classic account.  The set includes everything from 1 whole all the way to tenths.  For this activity we cut out all the fractions pieces and we used one-half, one-third and one-fifth as our starting points.

Twinkl Rectangel Fraction pieces cut out so they can be used to create equivalent fraction learning aids

She started off with one-half and added two-quarters on top and then three-sixths.  Each time she added the fraction on top she only glued the side edge so that each new fraction piece could flap over to reveal the fractions underneath it.

Equivalent Fraction folding activity. The kids stick the correct number of equivalent fractions on top.

By using these rectangular fraction pieces the kids have a built-in check.  They can see that one-third will not fit on the one-half piece (there will be sections of the one-half fraction piece sticking out).  For kids who are still getting used to equivalent fractions this is helpful as they can figure out for themselves which fractions match the one-half rectangle piece underneath.

Equivalent Fraction learning activity amde by children. They glue the equivalent factions ontop of the one-half piece. All rectangular fractions pieces are from Twinkl

She continued adding to the one-half page until she had an Equivalent fraction folding aid which included 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 and 5/10.

Equivalent Fraction aid for one-half includes four-eigths and five-tenths. Made using Twinkl pages

She then moved onto doing the same activity but this time using one-third as her starting point.

Equivalent Fraction learning activity for one thirds. The kids stick the correct number of sixths and ninths on top to match the one-third fraction size

She ended up making this one slightly differently.  The two-sixths pieces were glued on either edge of the one-third piece so that they flap open and then the ninth pieces were all glued on the one-side.  It was just the way she fitted the pieces together.

And then onto fifths.  This one was the easiest as the only equivalent fractions that we had with the cut-outs where the two-tenths.

Equivalent Fraction activity. The kids need to decide what the equiavlent fractions are and then stick them ontop so they they fold out. REctangle fractions pieces used are from the Twinkl website

I really liked this activity.  It was very easy to put together.  Just print out the rectangle fraction pieces, cut them and get the kids to play around and figure out what the equivalent fraction is based on what fits on top of the underlying fraction (the one-half, one-third and one-fifth).

Equivalent Fraction learning aid made by my daughter for one-half. Using the twinkl rectangle fraction pieces

Equivalent Fraction activity. Made by children learning about equivalent fractions using pages from Twinkl Resources












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