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One of the things I have been doing over past few weeks (apart from playing with the kids in the garden and enjoying the great weather) is creating a few new activities for the kids home learning.  There are a few topics which I know we are going to cover in the upcoming months so I am focusing on these.  I know my kids will come up with some fascinating totally new topic which I never dreamt of covering with them and I am sure we will have a blast learning about whatever that may be, but it does help my sanity it have a few things made already, sitting on my bookshelf waiting for one of the kids to discover it (or for me to “leave” it lying around).

My youngest often gets confused with irregular plurals – which is totally normal at this age – but he gets very frustrated when he gets confused so I want to try to work on these words with him, so we can try to ease some of the frustration.  But he is young so I want to keep it “low-key”, something we can look at together on the couch, possibly when we are reading (and yes I am also banking on the fact that his big sister will be around to help him read some of the words when he needs some extra help – she is very good about this type of thing)

I download these plural word Cards from Twinkl (and sorry they are part of their platinum package).

Plural word cards from Twinkl

You could just glue the two card together and have self-checking plural cards for the kids but we are fans of folders that fold out onto our laps with flaps that we can lift up so a bit more cutting and some gluing and……………………………..

Irregular plural folder made using twinkl cards

I choose to glue down the plural card onto the folder and then have the singular word card on top as the flap that you open.

Irregular plural folder opened up. The plural cards are stuck underneath

It really was very easy to put together and all you need is some card, glue and scissors and it helps if the kids are being entertained by their dad while you are trying to glue it all together (or maybe it is just me who gets distracted and glues the wrong card down when I am being presented with a spider as a present).

PLural Word folder made using word cards from the Twinkl websiteUpdate – As I keep getting emails asking about which card folders we use for the different folders / learning aids – these are ones that I buy – Foolscap A4 Half Flap Rigid Card Document Wallets Assorted Colours – Pack of 5







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