Adding ed

We love simple home-made learning aids (not even sure if that is what you call it) but they seem to work well with my two visual learners and they help them when we are learning rules or patterns to apply.

One of the spelling rules we have been going over lately  –  when do you double the consonant of a word if you are adding ed to it (turning the word into past tense).

Home-made Learning aid for kids. When do you double the last letter of a word when you add ed

The Rule is – if the word ends in a single consonant and has a single vowel which is a short vowel sound you double the ending consonant before adding the ed.

So if the word has a long vowel sound, magic e on the end or ends with more than one consonant who DO NOT double the ending consonant.  Sounds like such a straight forward rule but I never knew these spelling rules when I was younger and spelling was always a struggle for me, which is why I really want the kids to know these basic rules.

So piece of card fold it into three equal sections (we use card as paper tends to be a bit too flimsy).

Home-made learning aid. First fold the card into three equal sections

Now the middle section you want to leave alone.  The two side sections you want to fold those again in half so they have a flap.

Home-made learning aids, creating flaps

One the one flap we simply wrote Add ed.  One the second flap we wrote out the rule – single consonant + single vowel (short sound) = double consonant +ed.

Home Learning folding aid. Label the flaps with the different rules and then write the words that apply under the correct flap

In the middle we wrote our selection of words.

If the word would just need an ed added to it then the past tense of the word would get written under the first flap.  If the word needed a double consonant then the past tense of the word would get written under the second flap.

Home-made learning folding aid. When you add to ed to a verb and need to double the last letter

My kids choose to cut the flaps into individual strips.

Past tense verbs home-made folding learning aid. When do you double the last letter before adding ed

Nothing fancy and easy to create at home but something fun to reinforce the rule.

Home made learning aid for past tense verbs when you need to add ed and double the last letter

(And yes we left out the bit about if the word ends with a y – but for now we are focusing on the doubling side of things and will expand on that next).

Home-made learning aid. When adding ed to change the verb tense when do you need to double the last letter


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